Why EasyStore’s Retail POS System Might Be Perfect for You (2023)

EasyStore isn’t just a platform to host and build your online store, through it POS features, it’s also one that can support your offline retail business. If you sell online using EasyStore, but also have an offline retail business, or sell at the occasional pop-up or market, EasyStore’s POS system can be helpful. How does […]

How Useful is Shopify’s POS Lite for Malaysian Sellers? (2023)

Shopify POS is a Point-of-Sales system that all Shopify merchants have access to, including those from Malaysia. While it isn’t automatically available, it’s easy enough to add the feature. You only have to add the Point of Sales channel in your dashboard: Once you have the POS channel added to your store, you can now […]

Get 7 Premium POS System Features for Free on Loyverse (2023)

If you’re just starting out with a retail shop or cafe, chances are, budget is tight. While Point-of-sales (POS) systems are a must for any store in Malaysia these days, most are too expensive to start with. I was in the same position as you myself some years ago. I went on a search for […]

Get Your Payroll Done in 90% Less Time with Cloud Payroll – Here’s How

This post was written in collaboration with AutoCount. Payroll should be easy. However, if your business is still handling payroll manually, you may find the opposite to be true. Even with the right SOPs in place, having to deal with stacks of paperwork can be quite tedious and time-consuming for yourself, your HR department and […]