Get Your Payroll Done in 90% Less Time with Cloud Payroll – Here’s How

This post was written in collaboration with AutoCount.

Payroll should be easy. However, if your business is still handling payroll manually, you may find the opposite to be true. Even with the right SOPs in place, having to deal with stacks of paperwork can be quite tedious and time-consuming for yourself, your HR department and even your employees. 

What if you could hand over 90% of the paperwork to a trusted Payroll system so you can focus on the most important 10% – without having to pay thousands of dollars to start?

Introducing AutoCount Cloud Payroll. The affordable Payroll system designed with a 360-degree view of an employer, HR department and employees in mind. Whether you have 1 or 1,000 employees, AutoCount Cloud Payroll can help streamline your HR processes and give you your time back. 

Want to know AutoCount Cloud Payroll can help you save time with payroll? Read on!

1) Smart dashboard – view your key metrics at a glance

AutoCount Cloud Payroll comes with a smart dashboard where upon login, every employee and user can view the key metrics at a glance. This includes all the essential information such as statistics/charts, applications status, pending approvals, to-do list and notifications. 

No more spending hours organising documents just to get the details you need. The report is automatically generated – you don’t have to lift a finger. Instead of spending hours making decisions, you can now make them in minutes!

2) Cloud system – access Payroll on the go

Unlike a standalone Payroll system installed on your computer, AutoCount Cloud Payroll lives on the cloud. This means you can access it anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a computer, laptop or mobile device connected to the internet.

This makes it super convenient for employers, HR managers and employees to access essential information they need without having to be physically present at the office. Especially when the commute to the office is long, this feature can be a great time saver!

3) Statutory and bank compliance baked-in – reduces the need for cross-checks

AutoCount Cloud Payroll is built with statutory and bank compliance in mind, minimising the need for a manual cross-checking process. Since it is built for compliance, you never have to worry about making mistakes with AutoCount Cloud Payroll. The system essentially checks itself.

On top of that, you don’t have to worry about accidentally using outdated standards of practice. AutoCount Cloud Payroll is completely compliant with the latest statutory regulations of PCB, EPF, SOCSO, EIS and HRDF and comes complete with required forms, submissions, statements, listings, and reports. 

At the same time, it is also integrated with local banks’ electronic payments, making payments hassle-free. There is even a reminder to advise you on your employees’ EPF/SOCSO/EIS/personnel setting so you won’t miss a deadline.

This will save you time from having to recover from mistakes or finding the mistakes in the first place.

4) Built-in library of HR letter templates – no more manual letter writing or form fills

AutoCount Cloud Payroll comes with a comprehensive library of compliant HR letter templates you can use to automatically generate HR letters personalised for each employee for specific uses.

Instead of having to key in the details one field at a time, your HR letters can now be generated in full and completely without error with the click of a button. For any HR manager that dealt with one too many letters, this is a dream come true.

Go from spending hours to just minutes on creating letters – an absolute time saver especially if you have a lot of employees.

5) Customisable calculations for allowance, deductions, OT and more – automatically calculate anything you need

AutoCount Cloud Payroll lets you conveniently add your own formula for any HR related calculation you need. From simple to complex formulas, AutoCount Cloud Payroll can accommodate your needs without any extra customization to the system. Simply use the available calculation tool and automate your calculations.

6) Mobile app – paperless, and completely accessible anywhere and anytime

AutoCount Cloud Payroll comes with an app companion that works on any device. Whether it’s an iOS or Android device, employers, managers, and employees can manage all their HR related tasks on the palm of their hands.

These include features such as leave/claim application, status checking, and approval process. No more having to drop by the office just to submit a form – everything can be done on the app.

7) Employee Self-Service (ESS) – e-Leave, e-Claim, & e-Time Attendance portal for employees

With the Employee Self-Service (ESS) in place, it’s no longer necessary for employees to submit applications and get approvals in person – all claims and leave applications can be done in a paperless way on the cloud system.

The ESS also comes with a dashboard that lets employees view all their details in a glance. With ESS, they can find everything they need without needing to contact HR just to check a minor detail. This saves time for the employee, and especially the HR department from having to go through documents manually to find the information an employee is looking for.

8) E-time attendance

Smart, various clock-in technologies replace a physical punch card. This is an especially flexible feature for employers of out-of-office employees, employees on different schedules. Included in this feature are intelligent systems like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, facial recognition and geolocation marking that allows employers to accurately record employee’s clocking details, avoiding frauds.

9) Seamless Integration with AutoCount Accounting and Cloud Accounting

AutoCount Payroll integrates seamlessly with AutoCount Accounting to speed up your accounting and financial reporting process. For users of both software, you can now get related payroll transaction from AutoCount Payroll and have them posted to accounting modules automatically through a web service API. This integration works whether you have an on-premise or cloud version of AutoCount Accounting.

For AutoCount Payroll users who provide outsourced payroll or financial services, AutoCount has you covered too! With an Accountant Package especially designed for accountants and outsourced payroll processing companies, you will be able to effectively manage your clients’ payroll data.

AutoCount Cloud Payroll is a comprehensive payroll system built for the employer who values efficiency. It takes care of the details – from compliance to employee self service to HR letters – so you’ll find extra time to work on things that matter most.

The best thing about AutoCount Cloud Payroll is that you don’t need a large investment to start. You can start with a predictable prepaid subscription of as low as RM44/month. It is complete with essential HR solutions including Payroll, e-Leave, e-Claim and e-attendance.

Get 18% off when you sign up for AutoCount Cloud Payroll’s yearly plan now. It’s the same price regardless of the number of companies you create within the system. Billing date is flexible. Choose your date to fit your preferred payment schedule.

AutoCount Cloud Payroll is definitely the system your HR department and employees will thank you for.

Learn more about AutoCount Cloud Payroll today!

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