My eCommerce Services

Hi, I’m Lu Wee.

I’ve been helping businesses in Malaysia launch and refine their first eCommerce website since 2016. If you are interested in getting my help or advice on launching a new online store or adding new features to an existing one, then you’re in the right spot.

Right now, I accept clients with three specific eCommerce needs:

1. Online store setup from scratch

2. Modifications to an existing store

3. Getting advice on a specific problem you are facing (consulting)

Read on for more details on each one:

What can I do for you if you want to set up a new online store?

A lot of people want to sell online, but the process can be complicated. I simplify this by bringing you on a step-by-step process where I first identify your core business needs, then map out a custom plan for you and finally, execute that plan with you to deliver your store.

How about if you want to make modifications to your online store?

Making changes to a website is a normal part of the lifecycle of a business. This can mean changing the look of a store, adding a new feature, or changing an existing feature.

This often happens when your store has been around for a while and you’ve reached a point where a change is necessary to keep up with the times. A modification would also sometimes be necessary when there is a change to your business model or the products and services you sell.

When the need for modification arises, merchants are often left wondering what their options are and how to decide which one to go for. Taking the wrong step can incur unnecessarily high costs and even put a strain on the existing procedures that have been put in place.

I take the complication out of this process by using a decision framework to sift through your needs with a fine needle and then provide you with a shortlist of options that best fit your criteria. Once we have confirmed the option, I’ll help you to implement it successfully in your store.

What kind of eCommerce advice can you get from me?

I primarily consult on eCommerce store setup and modifications. I typically help clients with choosing the right platform to migrate to, finding the right payment gateway for their online store and figuring out what apps are best for their needs.

In short, my consulting will be for clients who are interested in finding answers to their technical questions. While I have experience in marketing, at the moment, I do not offer consulting on this topic.

Service Pricing

Online store setup starts from RM3,500.

This includes:

  • MoSCoW Platform selection analysis
  • Theme selection support and setup
  • 5 app installs and setup
  • 1 payment gateways setup
  • 2 payment methods setup
  • 2 selling markets setup
  • 2 shipping profiles setup
  • 1 blog setup

Online store modification starts at RM399.

A typical service included in this price would be:

  • Changing a payment gateway
  • Replacing an app
  • Adding a new app
  • Changing sections on a homepage

Finally, consulting rates start at RM500/hour.

If you are interested in working with me, fill in the form below and I will get in touch.

eCommerce Service Form

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