How to Create AI Generated Shopify Product Descriptions with Shopify Magic (2023)

Do you want to generate descriptions for products inside your Shopify store with minimal effort using AI? Back in April this year, Shopify unveiled Shopify Magic, its answer to AI-assisted product descriptions. With this, Merchants can quickly generate product descriptions by keying in a product’s features and keywords. In this article, I explain how you […]

How to Add a Free WhatsApp Chat Button to Your Shopify Store (2023)

Do you want to add a WhatsApp button to your Shopify website? WhatsApp is one of the most popular ways customers reach a business in Southeast Asia. Having a WhatsApp button on your website lets customers chat with you easily, which can increase in-store sales. If your business is based in Singapore, you could also […]

EasyStore Loyalty Program: How it Works and How to Set it Up (2023)

Are you interested to learn how you can get returning customers with the EasyStore‘s Loyalty Program? If you have an online store powered by EasyStore, you set up a loyalty program to reward your customers and get them to come back to your store. In this article, I’ll show you the key features of the […]

Accept Payments on WhatsApp: A How-To for Singaporean Merchants (2023)

Do you want to start accepting payments through your WhatsApp account? If you are a registered business in Singapore, you might be able to very soon. WhatsApp launched in-app payments for merchants in Singapore beginning 9th May, 2023. In this article, I’ll explain how the in-app payments in WhatsApp works and how you can enable […]

Why EasyStore’s Retail POS System Might Be Perfect for You (2023)

EasyStore isn’t just a platform to host and build your online store, through it POS features, it’s also one that can support your offline retail business. If you sell online using EasyStore, but also have an offline retail business, or sell at the occasional pop-up or market, EasyStore’s POS system can be helpful. How does […]