EasyParcel Review for eCommerce Sellers – Features, Pros and Cons (2022)

EasyParcel is courier company comparison website that lets merchants compare and buy services from courier companies for their parcel delivery. Lets you compare between many courier companies to pick the best one. This can help you cut back on manual work and save you a lot of time. EasyParcel’s Key Features EasyParcel is a courier […]

Shopee vs Shopify: A Comparison of Key Features for Malaysian Sellers (2022)

Shopee is the most popular eCommerce marketplace in Malaysia right now and Shopify is a versatile eCommerce platform merchants can build their shop with. You can run a successful eCommerce business on both. However, how you achieve that goal will be different on each platform. In this post, we’ll compare the key features of Shopee […]

45 Popular Franchises in Singapore and How Much They Cost (2022)

Buying a franchise can be an easy way to start a business if you have no business experience. Your franchisor will guide you every step of the way. But they can also be expensive to set up. On top of that, franchises can also be rigid. You have to follow your franchisor’s instructions on how to run […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Shopee Ads in Malaysia (2022)

With around 50m visitors a month, Shopee is one of the biggest search engines for online shoppers in Malaysia. This makes Shopee Ads one of the highest buyer intent ads available, so they could also be your most profitable. In this post, you’ll learn the basics about Shopee Ads, including the types of ads available […]

60 Popular Franchises in Malaysia and How Much They Cost (2022)

Buying a franchise can be a convenient alternative to starting a business from scratch. The franchise owner will already have the brand, products, price and marketing materials ready for you to use. They will even guide you on how to run the business on a day to day basis, which can be an advantage for people […]