TikTok Series Lets You Monetise Premium Content – Now Available in Malaysia

TikTok Launches Series Now Available in Malaysia

TikTok launched Series in March as a way to let users put premium content behind a paywall, adding another way for users to monetise content on the platform.

Eligible users can create a series of up to 80 videos, with each of them up to 20 minutes long.

As of now, they are only available to select accounts. If your account is eligible, you will see the option for creating a Series show up in your Creator Portal.

Who has launched TikTok Series in Malaysia?

Based on observations, TikTok Series are now available to large accounts in Malaysia. Like that of Kionz.C‘s, a TikTok marketing expert which has a few hundred thousand followers.

He has made a number of Series already, with prices ranging from RM9.90 to RM429.90:

Premium Content by Kionz C on TikTok Series

This is how the course content looks when you click inside. Except for the Intro video, the rest of the videos are locked until you pay for them.

Sample Premium Content on TikTok Series by Kionz C

Why this is a win for Creators on TikTok

While Series is only available to select accounts right now, it will eventually be rolled out to a larger group of accounts. For Creators, TikTok Series is an easy and cost-effective way of selling Premium content right inside the TikTok platform where their fans and customers are already on.

This not only makes it easy for Creators to promote their premium materials, but also greatly reduces the friction for make a purchase. Less friction means more sales.

It’s perfect for the baker who wants to sell a mini-course on bread making. Or the website designer who wants to teach people how to create websites.

What do you think of TikTok Series?

I’m quite excited to see TikTok Series launch for the wider public in the near future. Although it’s still new, it has a lot of monetisation potential. What do you think of it?

Image credit: https://nordskovmedia.dk/

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