A Beginner’s Guide to Shopee Ads in Malaysia (2022)

With around 50m visitors a month, Shopee is one of the biggest search engines for online shoppers in Malaysia. This makes Shopee Ads one of the highest buyer intent ads available, so they could also be your most profitable.

In this post, you’ll learn the basics about Shopee Ads, including the types of ads available and how you can use them to increase exposure to your product listings and shop.

Specifically, we’ll look at:

Where to find Shopee Ads in your seller account

To access Shopee Ads, you first need to login to your Shopee Seller account. You’ll find Shopee Ads in the Marketing Centre.

Types of Shopee Ads

There are 4 types of Shopee Ads:

If you’ve run search ads on Google or any other search engine before, you’ll find Shopee Search Ads similar. Customers can find your product listing at the top row of search results when they search for specific keywords.

For example:

If you have bought Search Ads for the term “sleeping mask”, your product listings will show up in the first row.

Search ads are charged on a per click basis, a cost model known as Cost Per Click (CPC). The CPC differs based on how popular a keyword is, and the number of sellers who want to buy that keyword.

For our keyword, ‘sleeping mask’, this is a pretty popular keyword, and the Suggested Bid is pretty high at RM20.23 per click!

If you are in the Preferred, or Preferred+ seller programme in Shopee, you can also run Shop Ads, where your shop will show up before product listings.

For example, for the same keyword, ‘sleeping mask’ the store ‘HOT SORRY Intensive’ shows up in the Shop Ads. Note the store’s Preferred+ tag.

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Shopee Discovery Ads

For Discovery Ads, your product listing will appear in the Daily Discover section of the homepage and the You May Also Like section of similar product listings.

Compared to Search Ads, buying Shopee Discovery Ads for your products are more straightforward – you only have to set a bid price, budget and a time duration. There is no keyword selection.

How much exposure your Discovery Ads will get depends on your bid price and the quality of your product listing, however.

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Shopee Boost Ads

This is a new type of ad in Shopee. Unlike Search Ads and Discovery Ads, Boost Ads offer much less control over what you can do with the ad.

With Boost Ads, you let Shopee’s Ad algorithm decide the best placements for your ads based on a predetermined set of qualifiers.

This is the best ad type for sellers who want to be more hands-off with their ads on Shopee.

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Shopee Display Ads

Shopee’s Display Ads are banner placements of Shopee’s homepage carousel.

Display Ads are only available for Mall sellers on Shopee, however, and you will need to manually book them with a Shopee account manager.

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