A Beginner’s Guide to Shopee Ads in Malaysia (2022)

With around 50m visitors a month, Shopee is one of the biggest search engines for online shoppers in Malaysia. This makes Shopee Ads one of the highest buyer intent ads available, so they could also be your most profitable. In this post, you’ll learn the basics about Shopee Ads, including the types of ads available […]

60 Popular Franchises in Malaysia and How Much They Cost (2022)

Buying a franchise can be a convenient alternative to starting a business from scratch. The franchise owner will already have the brand, products, price and marketing materials ready for you to use. They will even guide you on how to run the business on a day to day basis, which can be an advantage for […]

EasyStore vs SiteGiant (2022)

EasyStore and SiteGiant are two of the biggest and most popular website builders in Malaysia. If you’ve been shopping around for a platform to build and host your website, it’s highly likely that these big names have popped up in your radar. But with each promising to offer a large number of features, it can […]