4 Types of Shopee Seller Accounts in Malaysia: Benefits, Fees & Requirements to Join (2022)

Most new sellers on Shopee that I’ve worked with are aware of the different types of seller accounts or programmes on Shopee, but don’t know what the exact benefits of each programme are, how the fees differ and how to join.

If you are like my clients, you’ll find this quick compilation useful. In this post, I’ve detailed the different types of seller accounts on Shopee Malaysia, along with the must-knows. You can come bookmark this page and come back to it again when you need a quick review.

Types of Shopee Seller Accounts

There are 4 types of seller accounts on Shopee:

Let’s look at them one by one.

(Note: All fees listed below are stacked – meaning they add up. By the way, I also have an article dedicated to the Cost of Selling on Shopee.)

Shopee Marketplace Seller

The local marketplace seller account is the most basic one. This is the starter account you get when you join Shopee as a seller. As such, it has the least number of benefits compared to other accounts on this list.


  • Free product listings


  • 2.12% Commission Fees
  • 2.12% Transaction Fees


  • Malaysian

Shopee Preferred Seller

The Shopee Preferred Seller is one step up from a marketplace seller account. This status gives the seller extra benefits, but to become one, you will need to fulfil the performance requirements Shopee has set.


  • Preferred seller badge
  • “Shopee 100% Authentic Guarantee” tag
  • Access to Shop Ads
  • Show up in Preferred seller filter
  • Shopee-sponsored platform-wide vouchers for buyers
  • Selling Coach


  • 2.12% Commission Fees
  • 2.12% Transaction Fees


(From Shopee website)

Read Shopee’s article on the Preferred Seller Programme


The Preferred+ seller account is yet another step up from the Preferred programme. As expected, the programme comes with even more benefits, but also a higher requirement on performance.


All Preferred seller benefits plus the following:

  • Preferred+ badge
  • Show up for Preferred+ filter
  • 15% discount on Shopee Ads
  • Early access to Shopee marketing features


  • 2.12% Commission Fees
  • 2.12% Transaction Fees


(Taken from Shopee’s website)

Read Shopee’s article on the Preferred+ Seller Programme

Shopee Mall

Unlike the Preferred and Preferred+ programmes, Shopee Mall program is not primarily based on shop performance. It is an invite-only program for brand owners and authorised distributors. You will need to submit documents to prove this.

Other than this, the performance requirements are quite relaxed compared to Preferred and Preferred+ programmes.


  • Shopee Mall or Mall badge


  • 4.24 – 6.36% Commission Fees
  • 2.12% Transaction Fees


  • Brand owner or authorised distributor
  • Follow a 100% authenticity policy
  • Adhere strictly to the 15-day return/refund policy for all buyers
  • Provide free shipping for all buyers
  • Follow the mall listing requirements
  • Have less than 5% of listings on pre-order

Read Shopee’s article about Shopee Mall Seller Programme

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