How Much Does it Cost to Sell on Shopee Malaysia? (2022)

When clients who have a standalone eCommerce website approach me about wanting to add Shopee as a sales channel, cost is one of their primary considerations.

It should be. While Shopee started as a free-for-all eCommerce platform, more and more fees have been introduced to sellers over the years. Knowing the details of these fees will allow you to price your products for optimal sales and a healthy profit margin.

If you’re in the position right now to start a Shopee store, or add Shopee as a new sales channel, this post will help you understand the basic costs involved.

In this post, we’ll look at:

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Standard Fees Shopee Charge Sellers

There are generally 3 types of fees Shopee charges sellers:

  • Transaction fees
  • Marketplace commission fees, and
  • Unsuccessful order fees

Let’s look at each of these one by one.

Transaction Fees (2.12%)

The transaction fee is charged by Shopee to sellers to cover for the external payment gateway used to collect payments from customers on the platform. Shopee pays the payment gateway a fee each time customers make payment on the platform.

For sellers, Shopee’s transaction fee is 2%. This is subject to a 6% SST, which brings the fee to 2.12% in total.

The transaction fee is charged on the final amount paid by the buyer, including shipping.

Read Shopee’s article on transaction fees.

Marketplace Commission Fee (2.12%)

This is a fee applied to marketplace sellers on Shopee. Marketplace sellers are local Malaysian sellers on the platform that are not part of the Shopee Mall. This includes Preferred and Non-Preferred sellers.

The marketplace commission is a 2% fee, subject to 6% SST, coming to a total of 2.12%.

It only applies to marketplace sellers with 100 and more orders, however. So your first 99 orders will be free to the marketplace commission fee.

Read Shopee’s article on marketplace commissions.

Unsuccessful Order Fees (FSF + RSF)

The Unsuccessful order fee is charged when there is a refund, or a return & refund on an order.

This fee is the sum of the Forward Shipping Fee (FSF) and Return Shipping Fee (RSF).

FSF is the shipping fee charged by Shopee’s logistic partners to ship an order to your customer. RSF is the shipping fee charged by Shopee’s logistic partners to ship the item back to you in case of a return.

It doesn’t mean you’ll get charged the Unsuccessful order fee every time a refund is initiated. If it isn’t your fault, you won’t get charged.

Read Shopee’s article about unsuccessful order fee.

Optional fees Shopee charges sellers

  • Shopee Mall Commission Fee
  • Seller Wallet High Frequency Withdrawal Fee
  • Marketing Programme Service Fee

Let’s look at each one.

Shopee Mall Commission Fee (4.24 – 6.36%)

Shopee Mall commission fee is charged to sellers who are part have a Shopee Mall store and varies according to the product category.

The fee is between 4 – 6%, which adds up to 4.24 – 6.36% after SST.

Read Shopee’s article on Shopee Mall commissions

Seller Wallet High Frequency Withdrawal Fee (RM0.12/withdrawal)

Sellers can withdraw up to 3 times a week for free. But if you need to withdraw more frequently, you’ll be charged the Seller Wallet High Frequency Withdrawal Fee that is RM0.11 per withdrawal. This is subject to 6% SST, which brings the fee to a total of RM0.12 after SST.

Marketing Programme Service Fee

Sellers who opt into Shopee’s RM15 Free Shipping Programme or RM40 Free Shipping Programme will be charged a 5% Service Fee on all orders. The fee is subject to 6% SST, which brings the fee to 5.3%.

This fee is charged on all orders, regardless of whether the voucher from the program is used or not.

Read Shopee’s article about Service Fees

Other Costs

Other than these fees, there are other costs you need to consider such as

  • Ads
  • Campaigns
  • Affiliate program fees

While these costs are optional, they are usually used by sellers who want to grow their business on Shopee.

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