March 31, 2017

Shopee has become one of the most popular mobile apps people buy and sell from. The best thing about selling on Shopee now is that unlike Lazada and 11Street, selling on Shopee is commission free!

Other than zero commissions, Shopee also provides free shipping for the first 5kg (West Malaysia) and 1kg (West Malaysia to East Malaysia).

If you’ve been thinking about selling on Shopee, let me guide you on how to get started.

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The Good The Bad
  •  Easy to upload products for sale using mobile phone
  • No commissions
  • Free shipping
  • Chat feature lets you talk to your potential buyers without having to use your own private phone number
  • Sync Instagram photos to Shopee
  • High competition
  • Takes effort to gain customer trust as Shopee does not weed out the bad sellers for customers

Summary: Shopee is a peer-to-peer online marketplace that allows you to easily upload your products using your mobile phone to sell.

I put this review together to explain the pros and cons of selling on Shopee as well as how you can start selling on the platform right away. Enjoy!

Download Shopee App and Start Selling!

(It’s Free!)

Who Can Sell on Shopee?

Since Shopee is a peer-to-peer platform, anyone can sell on Shopee. There are very little restrictions.

Let’s now look at the pros of using Shopee to sell online.


No fees (for now)

As of now, Shopee does not take any commissions for sales made on the platform:

Shopee no commissions

Although this may change in the future, for now this is a huge advantage for sellers. Lazada and 11Street take upwards of 6% for sales made on the platform.

Free shipping (for now)

For some sellers, Shopee is also footing the bill for shipping when a customer buys products worth more than RM25 from them. Customers are able to enjoy the benefit of free shipping for one check out a day.Shopee upload a sample product 1v2

Again, this offer on free shipping may not last forever, but for now it is an advantage for sellers as it makes your products appear cheaper to your customers.

Easy to upload and sell on mobile

As I mentioned earlier, compared to Lazada and 11Street, it is easy to upload products for sale on Shopee. You only need to follow three steps:

Step 1: Open the Shopee app and select the ‘Sell from Camera’ option after clicking on the ‘+’ button on the main screen:

Shopee upload product image screen

Step 2: Take a picture of the product you want to sell using the in-app camera. Once you have taken a picture, you can even use filters to beautify your product photo if you wish:

Shopee upload a sample product 4

Step 3: Describe the product and add details such as price, weight, color and shipping information:

Shopee upload a sample product 2

Step 4: Upload the product and your product will be live on Shopee:

Shopee upload a sample product 3

Pretty simple right?

Most people will have no problem understanding how to get started on Shopee. This may be the reason Shopee was able to get so many sellers in such a short period of time [source].

Chat function allows you to talk to potential buyers

There is an in-app chat feature that lets potential customers ask you questions directly about the product you are selling.

The good thing about this feature is that while it mimics the chat function of messenger apps like Whatsapp, you do not have to give away your private phone number if you do not want to.

The chat feature is easily accessible on each product page:

Shopee upload a sample product 1

Easily link your Instagram photos to Shopee

It is easy to link the photos you have on Instagram to Shopee. This is especially useful for people who are already active sellers on Instagram.

You can upload your Instagram photos by selecting the ‘Sell from Instagram’ option when you click on the ‘+’ on the main page.

Shopee upload product image screen2v2

By doing this, you will be able to save a lot of time by syncing your Instagram photos to Shopee.

Sufficient Help Section for Sellers

Although the help section of Shopee app is not as comprehensive as Lazada’s, it sufficiently provides simple guides on common seller questions.

Shopee help section

For most sellers, this is enough to help them with a lot of their daily questions on the platform.


No quality check on sellers on the platform

Shopee is a peer-to-peer selling platform which does not check and approve their sellers. This means that anyone can start selling on Shopee, even scammers.

It is possible that a potential customer of yours has been scammed before on Shopee and does not want to repeat the same mistake. They may become more wary than before, checking ratings and reviews as well as other factors before making a purchase.

This means if you are new, you may need to spend a lot of effort on making your offer attractive compared to other sellers on the platform.

This may mean spending some money on taking good photos and hiring a designer to make a professional logo for you.

High competition

Since almost anyone can start selling on Shopee, you are bound to face a high number of competitors who may be selling the same product as you.

This means that to compete with the other sellers on the platform you will need to work harder to make your offer more attractive compared to your competitors.

How to Start Selling on Shopee Malaysia

Keen to start selling on Shopee?

You can do it right now on your phone.

Step 1: Download the app

Download the app from your App or Play store:

Download Shopee app on AndroidStep 2: Register

Once you have downloaded the app, register an account on the Shopee app.

Shopee create an account

Step 3: Set up your seller account

Once you have registered an account on Shopee, you now have to register as a seller.

You can either use your own name or choose a brand name to sell.

Do note that even if you change your name to a brand name, if you have used Facebook to sign up, your Shopee URL will still be showing your personal name.

If you want to hide your personal name, I suggest that you not sign up on Shopee using your Facebook account. Use e-mail instead so you can customise the URL later.

Step 4: Upload products and start selling

If you already have photos of your products on your phone, simply select the products and complete the necessary description.

If you do not yet have the products, you can use Shopee’s internal camera app to upload them directly. But do take note that even if you use your mobile phone, clear photos will make your products more attractive than blurry photos.

Alternative: Sign up on Desktop

This is a much less popular option but you can still do so.

Step 1: Register an account on

Log on to and click on the sign up link to register.

Step 2: Configure your seller account

Once you have signed up, all you need to do is go to this page to set up your seller account. You can do so by clicking on the ‘Sell’ link on the top left corner of the page:

Shopee Sell on desktop

Step 3: Upload products and start selling

If you choose to upload products using your laptop or desktop, you will need to take photos and load them into your computer first.

Upload product on Shopee desktop


As you would have done in the app, add photos, description and other details to your product and you are ready to make it live on Shopee.

The Big Question: Will Your Products Sell on Shopee?

As I have mentioned in my previous articles [link], there are a few factors affecting whether your products will sell on any online marketplace.

Unlike 11Street, there are currently no ads that are available to be bought by sellers on the Shopee platform.

There are a few factors that can help you improve your sales, some of them are similar to what we have seen for the other two online marketplaces.

Keyword Results

As I have covered before, the simplest way to check if there is a demand for your product is to do a quick search on it. If you find that no one is selling your product yet, it may mean that there is little or no demand for your product.

But again, the keyword search is only meant as a guide. You can do further investigation to find out if there is demand for your product on Shopee.

Ratings and Reviews

Since Shopee does not check its sellers, customers are bound to be more careful about the sellers on Shopee.

Reviews are a way for buyer to know if a buyer is real and trustworthy. The more good reviews you have, the more trustworthy you appear.

For example, this pair of Elastic Waist Slacks has over 312 ratings with an average of 4.4/5 stars awarded.

Shopee user rating and reviews 2


Good quality photos showing everything that a customer may want to see will help increase your sales. For the Elastic Waist Slacks, the seller uploaded nine photos to help their customer make the buying decision (here are two of them as sample):

Shopee product image2 Shopee product image3


As I have mentioned before, since just about anyone can sell on Shopee, this makes Shopee a highly price-competitive platform to sell on.

This means that if you are selling the same products as more than 100 other sellers on Shopee, you will need to bring your price down in order to attract buyers.

Of course, if doing this does not make sense to your business, you may be better off selling products that have less competition.

Conclusion: Shopee is great for mobile users

Shopee is a great online marketplace for people who are always on their mobile phones. You do not need to have to purposely go to your laptop or desktop to start selling. Instead, you can do so at the convenience of your mobile phone.

So if you are someone who spends most of your time on your mobile phone, start selling on Shopee and make some money online.

Download Shopee App and Start Selling!

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  1. Testing
        1. For now Shopee does not take any commission. But in the future, there will likely be a commission. Do take advantage of the no commissions situation now =)

    1. Hi Adli,

      For now, Shopee is giving free shipping for customers with orders over RM30. For delivery from West Msia to West Msia and East Msia to East Msia, it will be free for the first 5kg.

        1. No, it means Shopee will bear the shipping for the first 5kg if the order is above RM30. Seller don’t have to pay.

  2. I wonder how Shopee can survive without charging sales commission, and even give free shipping?? I heard Shopee not even charge the payment gateway fee, is that true??

    1. They have a lot of VC investment. Their investors agree with the management that it is more important to grow Shopee’s seller and customer base before making profits since Lazada already had a stronghold of the e-commerce market in Malaysia when Shopee started. Therefore they are willing to keep burning money until they achieve their growth goals. After that, they will definitely start charging.

    1. For now there is no sure way to know the exact search volume for keywords on Shopee, but you can make an informed guess by sorting items by ‘Top Sales’ and looking for the products with the most number of legitimate-looking reviews.

      1. Is Shopee allow pre-order products? Can I state estimate delivery date?
        Can we post video on Shopee? Is there any quantity limit on photo for one product?

    1. Hi Tan,
      Not sure really. It may or may not end. Depends on what business model Shopee decides on in the long term. You can check the latest status by registering as a seller. They will notify you of any changes. Currently it is still zero commissions.

    1. Pack your products and send out as usual. Key in tracking no. to Shopee system. If using Shopee logistics just print labels and use them for shipping.

  3. Can you explain more about this part?
    1. If customer send out the products by their own, how Shopee bear the shipping fees?
    2. How can a seller use the Shopee logistics to enjoy free shipping for customers with orders over RM30 for the first 5kg? Do seller need to keep their products in some sort of warehouse?
    3. How Shopee calculate the first 5kg? Deduct from every customer order accumulatively?

    1. Hi BH,

      Thanks for dropping by.

      1. After you key in your tracking number, Shopee will automatically check it to be a valid tracking number. If valid, upon order completion, Shopee will reimburse you. However, do note that this applies only for Poslaju shipments.
      2. No, you don’t need to keep at own warehouse. You only need to use Shopee supplied consignment notes. However, there are conditions to be fulfilled before you can use this.
      3. No. This is based on each order. Everytime the customer makes an order, the system will calculate using the seller supplied weight to see if they qualify for free shipping.

      Hope this helps!

      – Lu Wee

  4. once customer order the things how am going to send my product? Should the seller pay for the shipping fee in advance? After that shopee will reimburse back for the seller? can you please clearly tell me how to do for the shipping part?

    1. Yes, the shipping fee will be paid together with the product fee as a total sum. Once the order has confirmed been received by the buyer, then Shopee will release the payment to you together with your reimbursement.

      Hope this helps.

      – Lu Wee

    1. You mean a paid course? Shopee does not have any course about selling online. Although, they do have help section to get you started.

    1. Shopee is just a platform for you to list products for sale. Drop shipping is just a way for you to fulfill your orders. You can list any product on Shopee and find suppliers to help you dropship the products. But Shopee itself does not offer drop shipping as a service for its sellers. They have to make the arrangements externally themselves. Hope this clarifies. – Lu Wee

    1. In Malaysia now Kumoten is one of the largest automatic dropship right now. But their prices are quite expensive. I recommend searching for suppliers manually. Just ask suppliers if they will be willing to do dropshipping.

      Hope this helps.

      – Lu Wee

    1. Hi Lee,

      To register as seller on Shopee, no need SSM. You can use your normal buyer account to sell. But for your own tax and legal reasons, try to get yourself at least a sole prop to keep yourself out of trouble from the law.

      Lu Wee

      1. Thank you for your reply. Do u familiar with registration of sole pro? After registration, need to open business account and submit tax yearly even though no much profit?

        1. hey Lee,

          yeah, I’ve done sole props for some of my businesses. It’s not exactly compulsory to open a business bank account but I would recommend it. It’s not that hard for sole prop actually. But in any case, it will be speeded up if you have an introducer (i.e. someone who already has a current account at that bank).

          Yes – you need to submit your annual tax – but tax is only chargeable above certain profit figures. So if you’re not earning money, you don’t pay tax, or if say your profits are below those brackets, you don’t pay tax.

          Unfortunately, I’m not a lawyer or specialist in setting up companies so use anything I say as just reference. You can always go to SSM office to ask more questions, they are more qualified to answer most of your other queries.

          Hope this helps though!

          – Lu Wee

  5. Hi, Lu Wee, its regarding the shipping fees, i am now with the shopee shipping program, if i sell an item weight 15kg, how is the shipping fees calculated ?

  6. Good afternoon Lu, can I know the process after the buyer has ordered my products ? I mean how do shopee receive my products those keep in my store and send to the buyer ?

      1. Oh I see, thanks for answering. Is there any annual tax that we need to pay and how we pay it?
        When the customer has paid the costs to Shopee, then how long we will received the payment and how ?

        1. You must pay tax as long as you profit from a business. You need to consult an accountant on how you pay tax. That depends on your company type and business nature.

          You will receive the payment once your customer receives the item.

          1. Hi Goh,

            That’s correct. Shopee coin is a loyalty reward system.

            I’m sorry I think I’m only able to assist until here as your questions appear to come in one by one. If you’re able to compile all your questions at once, that will be a better use of our time.

            – Lu Wee

    1. Hi Jason,

      Don’t think you can do that as local seller. Only overseas seller have that option.

      Hope this helps!

      – Lu Wee

  7. Hi Miss,
    may i ask about the free 5kg shipping part, does it mean shopee will pay for the first 5kg of the shipping fee and the rest will be pay by buyer right? And the first 5kg, does it have any amount limitation? For example, must be less than RM5 etc etc.

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      Sorry, a lot has changed on Shopee. The shipping program is different now. I’ll update this article to reflect that shortly.

      – Lu Wee

  8. Good day, may you kindly explain the process of products shipping from overseas? And how to estimate the deliver date?

    1. Hi Yvonne,

      Do you mean as a seller? For Malaysian sellers, you cannot ship from overseas. Your stocks need to be ready stock unless stated as pre-order. Only sellers from China have that option.

      Hope this helps!

      – Lu Wee

  9. Hi Lu, I am Malaysian but I lived at taiwan. Can join shopee Malaysia and ship from Taiwan to Malaysia?
    If can all the postage charges bare my me ?

    1. Hi Dash,

      Unfortunately, that won’t be possible. As Malaysian, you need to register as Malaysian seller, and ship from Malaysia only. So if you do intend to do this, it’s better to send your items from Taiwan to a fulfillment centre in Malaysia and have them help you with the distribution.

      Hope this helps!

      – Lu Wee

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