EasyParcel Review for eCommerce Sellers – Features, Pros and Cons (2022)

EasyParcel is courier company comparison website that lets merchants compare and buy services from courier companies for their parcel delivery.

Lets you compare between many courier companies to pick the best one.

This can help you cut back on manual work and save you a lot of time.

EasyParcel’s Key Features

EasyParcel is a courier company comparison for last mile deliveries site. You can use it to compare courier services, and book them.

For eCommerce sellers, EasyParcel is a convenient way to compare prices, courier companies and book them for orders. It can be used to book single, multiple and bulk parcels.

EasyParcel Review Summary

EasyParcel is a pretty easy to use platform. I’ve used it since its early days, and the feature set has grown since. The whole process is easy. From searching to comparing to booking, it’s a super easy process.

EasyParcel Pros

60+ Courier Companies to Choose From

With over 60 courier companies linked to the platform, sellers are spoilt for choice. You can compare and pick the courier company that you prefer.

These also include courier companies that support international shipping. Full list here: https://helpcentre-my.easyparcel.com/support/solutions/articles/9000188827-our-courier-partners

Rate estimate

Get a free estimate based on location and parcel weight. This lets you see the prices before you make a booking.

Note that this will be verified at the courier company again. So you need to use accurate details.

Pick up

You don’t have to drop off your parcels, you can choose pick up service.

Some courier companies require a minimum number of parcels for pickup (usually 3 parcels).

Quickly generate airway bills

No more manual work. Sync your order details into EasyParcel.


You can buy insurance for all your parcels.


EasyParcel integrates with a large number of eCommerce platforms. This includes popular platforms like Shopify, EasyStore, WooCommerce, Shopee and more.

Cash on Delivery

You can even offer Cash on Delivery (COD) payment method with EasyParcel.

EasyParcel Cons

Top-up required to buy

You can only buy using credits bought with one of the top-up plans available. This money is only one way.

Limited delivery types

Only courier companies. No last mile.

Customer service is a hit or miss

When there are no problems, this is fine. But if you need to contact customer service, this is tedious. It’s not the best.


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