4 Shopify Marketing Themes You Should Use if You Want More Sales and Conversions

Once you have picked a plan for your Shopify website, the next most important thing for you to do is to pick a Shopify theme. 

A Shopify theme provides a template for your website so you can quickly set up the site without having design your website from scratch.

Instead, you can customise the Shopify themes based on your own brand colours, descriptions, photos and products.

But with hundreds of free and paid Shopify themes in the market, which one should you pick?

If you are someone who wants a sales and conversion-focused theme, you'll want to pick Shopify themes that has marketing features already designed into the theme. Marketing themes are one of the best ways to save money on a ton of marketing apps down the road.

Though, that doesn't mean these themes are perfect.

In this post, I'll share with you the benefits and disadvantages of using Shopify marketing themes as well as share four of the best marketing themes in the market.

Let's get into it!

Benefits of Using Shopify Marketing Themes

1. Save money on marketing apps

The biggest benefit of using marketing themes is that they have marketing features designed into their theme so you can do without popular marketing apps on Shopify that can cost a hefty monthly fee. Marketing themes can usually shave off 10 - 20 external marketing apps installations.

2. Customisable, conversion-focused design

Most marketing themes are designed with conversions as the end goal. They also offer more customisation options than most paid and free themes that are not conversions focused.

3. Fast loading

While these marketing themes come pack with features, they are usually light. And since you won't need to install too many extra marketing apps on your site, it will load even faster.

Loading speed is one of the most important factors in converting a visitor into a customer. If your website loads too slowly, the visitor may leave before even considering to make a purchase.

Disadvantages of Using Shopify Marketing Themes

1. Too many features may result in over-optimisation

Having a lot of options to pick sometimes means people will try to take advantage of all the features available. However, this can at times lead to over-optimisation that can lower, instead of improve sales.

To have the best results using marketing themes, it is best to test a few features at a time and activate only the ones which give you the best results.

2. Design

While these marketing themes are designed for conversions, they may not be the most beautiful ones in the market. Though, the designs are usually clean enough to look professional and trustworthy. Just don't expect them to win design awards!

Marketing Themes for Shopify You Should Use

These are good. Each theme has their own pros and cons.

#1. eCom Turbo Shopify Theme

About this theme:

eComTurbo is an affordable Shopify theme with all the basic marketing features for a beginner on a budget. While not the best looking theme in this list, at US$97 for a single site license, you can't get a theme with more value than this at this price point.


US$97 (1 Site License)

US$127 (3 Site License)

US$147 (Unlimited Site License)

Money Back Guarantee:

14-Days (Refund Policy)


> Cheapest - this is the cheapest marketing theme in the market.

> Marketing features included: 

Exit pop ups

Scarcity timer

Urgency sales ticker

Trust badges

> Conditional 14 day money-back guarantee - eComTurbo is the only theme in this list that offers a 14 money-back guarantee

> Best bulk discount price - eComTurbo is the only theme that offers unlimited site license for just US$147. So if you're thinking of starting a few stores, you'll be in for a nice bargain with eComTurbo!


> Design not so pretty - out of the four themes, eComturbo is probably the less aesthetically pleasing. If you are one to be very picky about your site design, you'll need to spend some time or money making customisations.

eCom Turbo Theme Screenshots and Demo

#2. Booster Shopify Theme

About this theme:

Booster is a good-looking, clean theme that has most of the marketing features you'll need to run a highly converting store. Though so, the Booster Theme is one of the more expensive themes in this list.


US$179 (1 Site License)

US$297 (2 Site Licenses)

US$497 (5 Site Licenses)

Money-Back Guarantee:

None (Refund Policy)


> Marketing features included: 

Sales notifications

Product upsells

Collection cross-sells

Geo IP Currency Converter

Exit pop up

Mega menu

Countdown timer

Direct to checkout

Optimised cart page


>Pricey - the second most expensive marketing theme in this list

>No refunds - sales of this theme are final. Even if you don't like it, you can't get your money back.

Booster Theme Screenshots and Demo

#3. Shoptimized Shopify Theme

About this theme:

Shoptimized has the most comprehensive amount of marketing features among all the themes. At just US$167, it is also the second cheapest theme in this list. This is a good theme for anyone looking for many marketing options.


US$167 (1 Site License)

US$197 (3 Site Licenses)

US$597 (10 Site Licenses)

Money-Back Guarantee:

On a case-by-case basis (Terms and Conditions)


> Marketing features included: 

Countdown timer

Scarcity stock info

Geo IP recognition

Currency switcher

Shipping time estimator

Exit intent pop-up

Trust badges

Upsell pop-up

Cart page urgency

Cross-sell pop-up

Skip the cart options

Product badges

> Good bulk discounts - if you are thinking of creating more than 1 store, Shoptimized theme goes down to as cheap as US$59.7 per theme for a 10 site license!


> No money-back (mostly) - if you don't like it, you'll probably have to still stick with it.

Shoptimized Theme Screenshots and Demo

#4. Saleshunter Shopify Theme

About this theme:

SalesHunter is a beautiful theme with some marketing features. The overall design of the store is clean, minimalist and professional. It's a great for theme if you are selling branded product.


US$180 per site

Money-back Guarantee:

No refunds (Shopify TOS)

Top Features:

> Prettiest - The Sales Hunter Theme is the best designed one in this list

> Marketing features included: 

Urgent sales countdown

Purchase notification

Upsell pop-up

Fully-customisable cart page

E-mail collecting pop-up

Currency converter

Trust badges

Product recommendations (upsells and cross-sells)

Worst Features:

> Priciest - Sales Hunter theme is the most expensive one in this list, but has the fewest marketing features. It also doesn't come with any bulk discounts.

> No refunds - The Sales Hunter Theme is available through the Shopify theme store and complies with Shopify's no-refund policy.

Saleshunter Theme Screenshots and Demo


Marketing themes can be a good choice for your Shopify store if you are looking for themes that can help you boost in-store sales and conversions. These themes come with marketing features so you don't have to buy them one by one from Shopify's app store.

Each theme offers their own pros and cons and it's worth considering the best features with the worst ones when picking out a theme for your store.

Over to you: Have you used a marketing theme for Shopify before? Which one did you like best?

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