Rockstars.Media: A New Platform for Influencer Marketing in Malaysia?

For brands looking to grow their presence online, influencer marketing is something you might be considering. There are a few ways you can go about setting up your first campaign – you can engage an agency to help you, do it all yourself or work with an influencer marketing platform.

If you don’t have a big budget to work with an agency or find the thought of building your own influencer campaign overwhelming, working with an influencer marketing platform might provide you with a cost-effective middle ground to start with.

In this post, we will be looking at a newly launched influencer marketing platform you might want to check out for your next influencer marketing campaign:

What is is an influencer marketing platform that helps connects brands with nano, micro and macro influencers across Southeast Asia on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Facebook. is the brainchild of Homam Alghorani, founded during the COVID-19 period. “During the COVID19 lockdown and the huge amount of time I had due to this new norm of #stayathome I decided to do few experiments and test the market, so I noticed that many people were complaining about being bored at home and also many had lost their main source of income and they turned to social media and the internet to entertain themselves and also to come with side income, that’s when I knew it’s now the best time to start working on my idea of the influencer marketing platform but with a twist,” says Homam.

Platforms like take away the hassle of having to look for and contact influencers one by one. You can look for the right influencers in the platform itself and launch your campaign.

Benefits of Using

The benefits of using a platform like are

  • Free access to influencer directory – search for influencers in their directory without paying a monthly fee.
  • Transparent pricing – know exactly how much you’ll be paying for your influencer marketing campaign.
  • Pay after project is delivered – the platform will hold your funds until after the project is delivered.

Cost of Using

Maintaining your account is free. There is no monthly fee to get access to the entire directory of influencers.

You pay only when you complete a campaign. For this, will charge a 10% admin and processing fee.

How to Use

Step 1: Create a free account on the platform

Set up your free account here:

Step 2: Verify your profile by completing your profile information

Next, complete your profile and verify your account:

Step 3: Search for influencers

Once your account is verified, you’re ready to start your campaign. Click on “Search Influencers” in the menu to look for influencers to work with. You can filter influencers by:

  • Size of following
  • Promotion rate
  • Industrial experience
  • Social media accounts
  • English level
  • Location
  • Languages

Step 4: Narrow down on the influencers

Click on the profile to get to the influencer profile and get to know the influencer better. Inside the profile, you’ll be able to find out more about the influencer, the size of their social media following and the rates they are charging.

Sample Social Media Profile on

Step 5: Contact the influencers of your choice and provide the project brief

Once you have decided on which influencer to work with, you can make an offer or buy the promotional package offered by the influencer. Provide them the project brief so they can understand what you are trying to achieve.

Step 6: Launch campaign and make payment

When you have picked out and agreed with the influencers you are interested to work with, make payment on the platform and then launch your campaign.

Once the project is successfully completed, will release your funds to the influencers you have engaged with.

Q & A with the Founder of, Homam

Q: What’s your big vision for

My big vision for is to be a global platform that operates on a global scale and to help micro influencers around the world to do what they love and monetise from their influence and also to help brands and businesses to have better and more efficient way to market their product.

Q: What’s your top advice for brands who want to grow through influencer marketing?

The brands need to look beyond the number of followers, they need to understand what is the influencer target audience, their niche and their authority and that is usually found in micro and macro influencers. Then they can work with multiple influencers who are a good fit to deliver the marketing message and measure the effectiveness of each influencer and message and adjust.Also they need to make things clear on who owns the marketing content and if it can be used by the brand or spun to another marketing message by the brand.

Q: What advice do you have for micro-influencers who want to work with more brands?

They need to be specialised in a certain industry and build an audience and authority once they reach that they can start monetise that influence and specialty.The other thing they should only promote products and brands that they use and believe in, this what makes them genuine and trustworthy by their followers. Because promoting the wrong brand or product can really backfire or make their content look spammy. 

Conclusion is a new influencer marketing platform brands can use to look for nano, micro and macro influencers to work with to grow their brand presence online. This is a good solution for brands who have a limited budget and want some control over their influencer campaigns.

Being a new platform though, has room for growth, especially with their influencer database. If you are interested in influencer marketing, do remember to check out!

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