Poslaju SendParcel Review: Convenient Option for Shipping in Malaysia?

When you sell physical online, shipping fees can make up one of your biggest expenses. This is why as an online seller myself, I get excited when new shipping services launch.

About a few months ago, Poslaju launched its own self-service online shipping platform, SendParcel.

With SendParcel, you can:

  • Create and pay for consignment notes online
  • Track your shipments
  • Keep an address book of your customers

In this post, I’ll spend some time reviewing the platform so you can decide if SendParcel can be a good shipping option for your business.

If you’ve been considering SendParcel, or simply new alternatives to EasyParcel, Shippop or any other shipping aggregators, this will be useful for you.

Let’s get started:

Postage Rates

Postage rates on SendParcel is pretty good. For example, a 1kg shipment from 47000 (Rawang, Selangor) to 10250 (Georgetown, Penang) will cost you either RM10.03 on a normal account and RM6.30 when you top up.

The rates here are pretty comparable to those offered on other platforms.

Top-up Plans

The top-up interface reminds me of EasyParcel’s. You get to choose between RM50, RM100, up to RM20,000.

Remember, if you want to take advantage of the exclusive rates, you’ll need to top up.

You can pay for your top up using credit card, debit card and FPX payments.

Other than getting exclusive rates, if you top up above RM1,000, you’ll also get free Poslaju flyers. Personally, I find Poslaju flyers to be of better quality than EasyParcel’s, so this is a pretty good deal.


Buying shipping on SendParcel is just like buying from Poslaju counters. So you’ll be able to send anywhere Poslaju covers.

User Experience

Having used SendParcel for sending parcels to customers, I found the experience pretty good. Most people should have no problem using the platform, especially if you have some experience with other aggregators.


Now, I had pretty low expectations for integrations since SendParcel is still pretty new.

Interestingly enough, SendParcel integrates with Shopify.

I’ve not yet tested this with Shopify, but will update this review once I do.

Unfortunately, at this moment, that’s all it integrates with. So if you’re on another platform like WooCommerce, you’re out of luck.

I really do hope SendParcel adds in more integrations, though.

How to Get Started with SendParcel

Step 1: Get an Eziemall account

To use SendParcel, you need to first sign up for a Pos account. This is an all-in-1 account where you can access services under Pos such as Eziemall, SendParcel, etc.

Once you have this account, you can then login to SendParcel and start using the service right away.

Step 2: Buy top up or create shipment

Inside the platform, you’ll be able to buy top up. Choose the top up plan you want, and make payment. 

The top up will add credits to your account based on the top up plan you selected.

Step 3: Send parcels!

With an account and credits ready, you can now send parcels with SendParcel. When you do send them, you can then track your shipments inside SendParcel.

Verdict: Good Option for E-commerce Businesses

Poslaju’s SendParcel is a good option for e-commerce businesses to send parcels to their customers. To enjoy SendParcel’s exclusive rates though, you’ll need to top up.

If you use Shopify, you can even integrate SendParcel into your e-commerce website natively.

Overall, SendParcel is a good contender in the shipping space and is here to stay. Personally, I’ve used SendParcel for a couple of months now and the experience has been pretty good. I would highly recommend it to e-commerce business owners.

Let me know: have you used SendParcel before? Share your experience with me in the comments below!

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9 Responses

  1. First time tried to used their poslaju delivery service today and was disappointed. I booked for a pickup parcel and waited whole day for them to arrive but they did not show up. Atleast they show give a call or message me to let me know that they are not coming. Will not use their service ever again.

    1. so Jean, ur problem solved or not yet?i am having the same situation here. no any news n update from poslaju. all customer services not available. askpos not helping me at all. can’t have even a single conversation with poslaju. all this nonsense. just keeping waiting them here at my house. worst service from poslaju.

  2. I have not started using SendParcel yet, but I have tried to call and email them to get more information about their services.

    1. When I tried to call them, an automated messages tells me to go to website for any enquiries as there is no one to take calls.

    2. When I go on their website, the only way is to use their chatbox and send them an email which was provided on their website.

    Chatbox is useless. No reply from their support email.

    I think I will not be using their platform. This speaks much of their service and how they handle parcels.

    1. I think that’s the case for Poslaju in general during this COVID-19 period. They are pretty packed all around. So regardless of if you use SendParcel, walk-in or use other shipping sites, you’ll experience the same thing.

  3. I am doing business hence i am here to use sendparcel to make my work more convenience to deliver parcel to my customer., but I AM ANOTHER PERSON DISAPPOINTED HERE. Poslaju are supposed to pick up my parcel yesterday, but didnt show up. So i expected for them to automatically arrange to pick up today but HEY i am the one who need to reschedule my pick up date. I REALLY HOPE THEY SHOWED UP TODAY. Whats the point of creating this sendparcel service if u cant serve??

  4. hello, I already purchased the top up credits RM 100. im sure that it stated that only applicable for zone 123. I want to send parcel from Kunak, Sabah (91207) to Kota Samarahan (94300). I expect I could pay for rm5 for 1kg. However i couldnt get the exclusive rate. would you please try with your account?

  5. Useless service when comes to meeting customer's Satisfaction. 3 days of Waiting for parcel pick up and made countless of calls and messaged @ live chat was to no avail till today. E feedback form was just useless. No customer service or live chat for Send Parcel customer

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