Affiliate Programs in Malaysia You Can Make Money Online From: The Comprehensive List 2019

Affiliate marketing is becoming a popular way of making money online in Malaysia.

With affiliate marketing, you don't have to spend the time and money to create your own products or services to sell. You act as the marketer, taking the products and services that other people have already built and selling it for them. For each successful sale, you will get a commission.

Commissions for successful sales are the main way people make money from affiliate marketing.

If you have been thinking about making money online using affiliate marketing, you might be asking:

What affiliate programs are available in Malaysia? Which affiliate program should I go for?

To help you answer these questions, I have compiled a list of the affiliate programs of some of Malaysia's top brands. From this list, you will be able to identify and select the best affiliate program for you to partner with.

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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing in Malaysia

Before we get to the list though, I want to cover a bit of ground on how you can make money using affiliate marketing for the benefit of people who are yet familiar with this business model.

(Of course, if you already know this, feel free to skip ahead)

The good news is I have already written a detailed post on how to get started with affiliate marketing in Malaysia. If you are interested to find out, do check out the post below:

How to Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing in Malaysia: Case Study + Guide

But if you don't want to read the entire post, here’s a summary of how you can get started:

Step 1: Select your niche, choose your platform and build an audience

The first thing you need to do is choose your niche. Do you want to talk about tech? Beauty? Drones?

Once you have decided, the next thing you need to do is choose your platform. Do you want to be a YouTuber? A blogger? An Instagrammer?

Once you have selected your platform, the last but most important step is to build your audience. Your audience will be the people who trust you and will likely buy the products of your partners later on.

Step 2: Look for relevant affiliate programs 

Once you have built a large enough following, the next thing you need to do is look for relevant affiliate programs.

For example, if you are in the beauty niche, you might partner with brands that sell makeup and skin care products to help them market the products.

(You will be able to look for some relevant affiliate programs in this post shortly)

Step 3: Start marketing

Finally, once you have identified the right affiliate programs, the last thing you need to do is start marketing.

There are many ways to market to your audience, but no matter what method you use, the most important thing here is not to overdo it and make your audience feel like you care more about making money than them.

Good marketing strategies will allow your audience to continue trusting you and continue buying from you for a long time whereas you will only get a few chances to sell to your audience with a bad marketing approach.

There you have it. These are the three basic steps for creating an income with affiliate marketing.

Now, let's get into the affiliate programs in Malaysia. I have divided them into niches so you can skip to the one that interest you most if you want:

Retail affiliate programs in Malaysia

Software affiliate programs in Malaysia

Financial products affiliate programs in Malaysia

Transportation affiliate programs in Malaysia

Education affiliate programs in Malaysia

Retail affiliate programs

There are two kinds of retail affiliate programs. The first is the affiliate program for online marketplaces and the second is that for branded e-commerce sites.

The affiliate programs for online marketplaces are more flexible because of the hundreds or even thousands of product categories it carries. For e.g. you can use the affiliate program to market any kind of product from diapers, mobile phones or even tiles.

On the other hand, branded e-commerce sites can be limited to the products it carries. If it is a shoe brand, you can only sell shoes etc.

Retail affiliate programs are best suited for people who have built an audience reviewing products or use specific products in their content.

For e.g. a movie maker can market cameras, lenses and video editing software. A tech Youtuber can sell phones, laptops and action cameras. A mommy blogger can sell diapers, baby bottles and napkins.

With retail affiliate programs, the possibilities are truly endless.

Now, let's take a look at the affiliate programs of some of Malaysia's top retail brands: Affiliate Program

Lazada is Malaysia's biggest online marketplace. You can find any kind of product, sell it and make a commission.

Product categories: Electronics, baby, health, beauty, automobile, household, home decoration etc.

Commissions %: 6 - 12%

Affiliate program: Check out’s affiliate program here.

* * * Affiliate Program is Malaysia's biggest DIY print platform. With Photobook, you can customize photo books, canvases, mugs, clocks and more.

Product categories: DIY Printing, Customised products

Commissions %: 15%

Affiliate program: Check out’s affiliate program here.

* * * Affiliate Program

Zalora is the fashion online marketplace in Malaysia and carries most of Malaysia's well-known fashion brands.

Product categories: Fashion clothing, watches, bags, watches etc

Commissions %: 12%

Affiliate program: Check out’s affiliate program here.

* * *

Under Armour Affiliate Program

Under Armour is a popular activewear brand from the US.

Product categories: Activewear (clothing, shoes, bags etc)

Commissions %: N/A

Affiliate program: Check out Under Armour's affiliate program here.

* * * Affiliate Program is an e-commerce site that supplies the best wine from all over the world online in Malaysia.

Product categories: Imported wine

Commissions %: 8%

Affiliate program: Check out WineTalk's affiliate program here.

* * *

Shashinki Affiliate Program

ShaShinKi is one of Malaysia's largest online store for photography-related products.

Product categories: Cameras, lenses, microphones etc

Commissions %: 3%

Affiliate program: Check out Shashinki's affiliate program here.

* * *

Software affiliate programs in Malaysia

Software affiliate programs are best suited for you if you frequently talk about software services in your content.

Easystore Affiliate Program

Easystore is a Malaysian-made website builder.

Product categories: Website builder

Commissions %: 20%

Affiliate program: Check out EasyStore's affiliate program here.

* * *

Exabytes Affiliate Program

Exabytes is a web hosting, email, VPS, servers, and domain registrar provider in Malaysia.

Product categories: Webhosting, email, VPS, servers, domains

Commissions %: RM5 - RM599.50/referral

Affiliate program: Check out Exabytes's affiliate program here.

* * *

Serverfreak Affiliate Program

ServerFreak is a Malaysian hosting provider.

Product categories: Webhosting

Commissions %: 10%

Affiliate program: Check out ServerFreak's affiliate program here.

* * *

SiteGiant Affiliate Program

SiteGiant is one of Malaysia's pioneer website builders.

Product categories: Website builder

Commissions %: RM58 - RM168

Affiliate program: Check out SiteGiant's affiliate program here.

* * *

OnPay Affiliate Program

OnPay is a basic website builder with accounting and inventory capabilities.

Product categories: Website builder

Commissions %: N/A

Affiliate program: Check out OnPay's affiliate program here.

* * *

GoDaddy Affiliate Program

Product categories: Webhosting, domain names, website builder and other web services

Commissions %: Varies according to product

Affiliate program: Check out GoDaddy's affiliate program here.

* * *

Microsoft Affiliate Program

Product categories: Software, gaming

Commissions %: 10%

Affiliate program: Check out Microsoft's affiliate program here.

* * *

Just Simple Affiliate Program

JustSimple is a webdesign and marketing agency.

Product categories: Webdesign, SEO

Commissions %: N/A

Affiliate program: Check out JustSimple's affiliate program here.

* * *

Financial Products Affiliate Programs

Financial products affiliate programs are best for you if you primarily cover personal finance, loans or insurance.

CompareHero Affiliate Program

CompareHero is a financial product comparison site. You can find the best personal loan, business loan and credit cards for your needs on CompareHero.

Product categories: Financial products

Commissions %: N/A

Affiliate program: Check out CompareHero's affiliate program here.

* * *

Transportation Affiliate Programs

Transportation affiliate programs are suitable for you if you cover travel and transport.

Bus Online Ticket Affiliate Program

BusOnlineTicket is a website where you can book bus tickets, train tickets, ferry tickets, tours as well as hotels in Malaysia and Singapore.

Product categories: Transportation and accommodation

Commissions %: N/A

Affiliate program: Check out BusTicketOnline's affiliate program here.

* * *

Education & Training Affiliate Program

Education affiliate programs are suitable for you if you cover education or upskilling in Malaysia. Affiliate Program is a website that offers HRDF claimable, instructor-led courses in Malaysia.

Product categories: HRDF courses

Commissions %: 10%

Affiliate program: Check out Tertiary Courses Malaysia's affiliate program here.

* * *

Tribeup Academy offers Facebook advertising training program run by seasoned marketer Jason Gan that helps SMEs and brands grow their businesses using Facebook.

Product categories: Facebook marketing courses

Commissions %: RM100 - RM300

Affiliate program: Check out Tribeup Academy's affiliate program here.

* * *

Affiliate Marketing Networks

Other than joining individual affiliate programs, you can also take part in affiliate marketing by joining an affiliate marketing network.

Affiliate marketing networks are companies which gather affiliate programs from different businesses in one place. They make money by taking a cut from what affiliates on their platform makes.

The advantage that affiliate networks have over individual affiliate programs is that:

  • It’s usually easier to get approved when you apply through a network
  • With a network, you get to consolidate your affiliate programs in one place. So you will only need one login you to access multiple programs, instead of needing multiple logins for multiple programs.
  • Sometimes, you can get higher commissions inside an affiliate network for the same program when compared to your individual application

Having said that, affiliate networks in Malaysia and even Southeast Asia are quite limited when compared to countries like the US.

Nonetheless, we do have one affiliate network that has been slowly building up these days. And that network is Involve Asia.

What's Involve Asia and how can you use it for your affiliate marketing needs? Let's take a look:

Involve Asia (South East Asia)

Involve is home the affiliate programs of some of Southeast Asia’s most popular brands. In fact, some brands only have an affiliate program only with Involve and nowhere else.

Inside the Involve platform, you can find hundreds of brands, along with the % commissions offered:

You can pick the programs that best suit your niche, generate your own unique link and do the marketing for the relevant product or service.

Whenever someone buys a product or service using your link, you will get a commission.

All clicks and commissions will be tracked within the Involve Asia platform.

Some popular brands inside Involve Asia's network include Kinokuniya, FashionValet, Fave and even Lazada.

Keen to sign up? Sign up here.

One word of warning though, Involve Asia is still in the growth phase so you will expect payments and even conversion validations to come in late. As of now, these do not appear to be done automatically like other more established programs.

REMINDER: Want to finally make money with affiliate marketing? 

I've finally written my review for one of the most affordable and effective affiliate marketing courses in the market: Savage Affiliates.

For just US$197 (RM800), you'll finally be able to understand everything about affiliate marketing and how you can make USD from Malaysia.

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Affiliate marketing can be an easy way to get started making money online since you don't need to build your own products or services. Instead, you act as a marketer, making money whenever you help other people sell their products or services.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to make sure you have a large enough and engaged enough following.

Although there are many affiliate programs available, you need to pick one that is best suitable for your audience. These will ensure that your audience will be more responsive to your offers to them.

You can either partner with individual affiliate programs or join an affiliate network to make money with affiliate marketing.

Have an affiliate program you know of and think it should make this list? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Hi,
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    I was searching for some solid ones and there are many which are used by many yet there is one here in UK revglue that is providing good packages that include UK stores data and FREE plugins. Plugins seemed attractive so here i am in need of help, i’ve decided to apply some plugins on my webs and use the traffic i already have and put that to use.
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  2. I have a blog and decided to start on my affiliate program but unfortunately I did pick website above such as Zalora but end up with pending approval and it is been 4 weeks now. Zalora affiliate program is under Partnerize. Any experience on it. I am so blur as newbie. lol

    1. Hey Liyana, sorry to hear that. Maybe you can try to apply under and see if it works out there instead? I’ve had much better approval rates using Involve for some programs.

  3. Hey Wee Tang, my software company Howuku (we’re based in Malaysia) is offering affiliate program with 20% lifetime commission. 🙂

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