Savage Affiliates Review: Will This US$197 Affiliate Marketing Course Make Money for You in Malaysia?

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If you have been thinking of making money online with affiliate marketing, you might have stumbled upon Franklin Hatchett's affiliate marketing course, Savage Affiliates.

Savage Affiliates is an affiliate marketing course that promises to guide you through the A-to-Z of affiliate marketing, namely:

  • How to find profitable niches and affiliate offers
  • How to build a website from scratch
  • How to get traffic to your website, and
  • How to get your traffic to buy from you

It's priced at US$197 (~RM800) and comprises 9 modules plus a bonus section. At this price, Savage Affiliates is one of the most affordable affiliate marketing courses in the market right now. 

But is it worth it?

Nobody wants to invest in yet another course that sits in their digital shelves collecting dust.

Today, we'll unbox Savage Affiliates to give you a view of what's inside, and more importantly, if your US$197 will be well spent.

Let's get into it!

Savage Affiliate Overview

Price: US$197


Module 1: Affiliate Introduction

Module 2: Niches and Products

Module 3: Building Your Assets

Module 4: Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Module 5: Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Module 6: SEO Traffic

Module 7: Paid Traffic Training

Module 8: Free Traffic Training

Module 9: Email Marketing Training


- Very comprehensive course (9 modules, over 100 videos) - covers all aspects of affiliate marketing.

- Active Facebook Group - can ask questions to Frank and other members in the group

- Value is worth more than its sticker price of US$197


- Perhaps a little too comprehensive. Can be overwhelming for some beginners

- Mostly U.S. offers, so if you're looking for Malaysian offers, you won't find any here

Final Verdict:

Good value if you're willing to put in the time and effort to learn and practise everything Frank teaches in this course.

You'll likely be able to make income through affiliate marketing using strategies taught in this course. However, it's mostly geared towards US based affiliate programs. Will need some modification to fit into Malaysian affiliate networks.

Savage Affiliate Course Modules Overview

Let’s go through each module so you can take a sneak peek at what's on offer inside:

Module 1: Affiliate Introduction (6 videos)

In this module, Franklin provides an introduction to how affiliate marketing works. You get a bird's eye view on the process of making money with affiliate marketing, how to get and convert free traffic as well as paid traffic.

If you have no idea how affiliate marketing works or how to actually get traffic to your affiliate sites, you'll have a pretty good idea once you complete this first module.

Module 2: Niches and Products (11 videos)

In Module 2, the course goes into how to find niches to focus on and affiliate offers to promote in that niche. You'll get an idea of how to use popular affiliate networks such as Clickbank, Amazon, and JVzoo to look for offers.

This module will help you to go from having no idea how to find profitable niches to narrowing down on niches and then picking out offers to start promoting.

Module 3: Building Your Assets (9 videos)

Knowing how to create a website that converts can be one of the most useful skills you can have to make money with affiliate marketing. If you have no technical skills, or have never built a website in your life, this can feel like an impossible task.

No worries though - you'll be able to get a step-by-step guide on how to create a website as well as adding in features that will turn your website into a money making machine.

Module 4: Clickbank Affiliate Marketing (27 videos)

Module 4 is dedicated specifically to understanding what Clickbank is about, how to create an account and finding the best offers on the network to promote.

With 27 videos dedicated to Clickbank, this will give you a good kickstart to making money with Clickbank offers:

Module 5: Amazon Affiliate Marketing (21 videos)

If you've ever wondered how you can make money with Amazon's affiliate program, this module has you covered. 

With Amazon being the biggest e-commerce website in the U.S., there is a lot of opportunity to make money by promoting Amazon products.

In this module, Franklin guides you to finding the best type of Amazon products to promote. It's a comprehensive 21 video module, so you'll likely be able to find at least a few niches to make money from:

Module 6: SEO Traffic (30 videos)

SEO is one of the most important traffic sources for affiliate marketing. But it can be a black box for people who have never used SEO to drive traffic to a site before.

In this module, you'll get a good idea of the different ways to optimise your website for search traffic, including useful tools you can use to do your SEO research.

I have to say, even with some SEO experience already, I still managed to pick up a few new and useful tips from this module:

Module 7: Paid Traffic Training (23 videos)

Paid traffic is another important source of traffic for any affiliate website. This module goes through strategies on how to use popular Facebook Ads and Google Ads to drive traffic to your website.

This is a particularly important module in my opinion as a lot of new affiliate marketers make novice mistakes that cause their Ad accounts to get permanently suspended.

So if you're thinking of using paid ads to drive traffic to your site, this module will guide you to avoid the common pitfalls, keep your accounts in good standing while making money from the traffic you bring in:

Module 8: Free Traffic Training (15 videos)

Finally, the last module in the course about driving traffic to your website. Other than SEO and paid traffic, traffic from forums, and social sites can be useful for any website when done properly.

If you want to add yet another free traffic channel on top of SEO to your affiliate sites, Franklin guides you through the best practices on how to do so.

Again, beginners can make novice mistakes that cause their accounts to be banned, or their forum replies deleted. If you want to avoid that, this module can help!

Module 9: Email Marketing Training (9 videos)

The final module in Savage Affiliates is about e-mail marketing. Done right, e-mail marketing can account for as much as 30% - 50% of your affiliate income.

But you need to know how to optimise your e-mail funnels to do it right. This module goes through the email software you need to use and how to create effective funnels that tip your email subscribers over into paying customers.

Again, knowing how to do email marketing right and picking the right software for affiliate marketers is important because not all email marketing software support affiliate marketing and doing email marketing the wrong way can mean your email going right into the spam bin of your subscribers.

This module will help you keep your email marketing strategy tight and grow your affiliate income:

On-going Support: Facebook Private Group

Personally, I find the Facebook group to be one of the most useful part of this course. It's included for free as part of the course.

So if you have any specific questions about the course, or affiliate marketing in general, you can just go to the group and write about your questions:

You'll also get to read success stories by other students of the course.

I think it can be pretty encouraging to read how others have achieved their income goal with this course:

Who is this for?

1. People who want to make money with a blog

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money with a blog. If you already have a blog and want to monetise it, you could find some practical steps to do this using this course.

2. People who want to make extra income from home

If you've always wanted to make money from home without a huge budget, you will be able to get practical ideas using this course.

Will this work for Malaysians?

Malaysians are in the fortunate position of having proper integration with payment gateways like PayPal.

As long as you're hardworking, you can make money with affiliate marketing and get paid.

To give you a real life example, here's how much I received in one of the weeks in April:

(US$58 + US$98.5 + GBP33.25) or around RM830.

These are all from promoting products on Entrepreneur Campfire.

RM830 in a week is nothing to shout about, but this is from me putting not that much effort yet into affiliate marketing.

If you dedicate more effort and time into it, I'm pretty sure you can make this in one day or less.

Summary: 3 Reasons Why Savage Affiliates is one of the Best Value Courses out There for Malaysians

1. Very affordable

While RM800 isn't small change, but it is affordable to most Malaysians compared to other courses that go upwards of US$497 - $997.

2. Value for money

You not only get 9 modules and over 100 videos. You learn everything you need to setup your affiliate website, pick out affiliate offers, get traffic to your website and convert your traffic to paying customers, earn commission.

3. On-going support and lifetime access

You can ask questions in Facebook private group and have lifetime access to your course. 

Bonus for Referrals! (Free WordPress Installation + Astra Pro Theme)

By using any of my affiliate links to sign up, I will get a commission. As my thank you, I’m offering help set up your WordPress website with a WordPress theme of your choice (worth RM200 or US$50).

To sweeten the deal, I’ll even give you a free copy of one of the fastest and lightest WordPress themes online: Astra Pro (usually US$59/year).

(Of course, if you don’t want Astra Pro you can buy another theme and I’ll install it for you also :)).

Plus, I’ll give you 30 days email support to help you through any questions you might have.

The only thing you’ll need to provide:

  • Hosting
  • Domain name
  • Logo

This bonus is worth US$99 or RM400. Get it now when you buy Savage Affiliates through my referral link below:

The Biggest Downside

The sheer amount of modules inside can feel overwhelming. A lot of people who have bought eCom Elites through my website have told me that the course is very long.

But if you can go through them, you'll be able to benefit greatly, learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and make good money.

My Final Verdict

If you’re a Malaysian who has tried and failed in making any money with affiliate marketing, and now are ready to invest in a paid, structured course that will help you to finally become successful in affiliate marketing, go for Savage Affiliates.

It is one the cheapest affiliate marketing course in the market right now. At US$197 (~RM800) for a course with 10 modules, covering from setup, to organic marketing to paid marketing, it’s pretty hard to find a course more valuable than this.

If you prefer paced learning instead of learning everything in a single day as most workshops are going for RM800 for one day. Then you can try this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do I have access for?

Access is forever! Like a textbook, you buy once and can keep referring to it time and time again.

Q: How soon can I expect to make money with this course?

It depends. If you are very hardworking and spend 3 - 4 hours a day working on your affiliate marketing business, you can quite possibly make money within 6 - 12 months. 


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  1. Since the course teaches Clickbank, Amazon and JVzoo. Those website are applicable for Malaysian ? Because I know Clickbank doesn’t accept Malaysia.

  2. Wow that is surprise, would you mind to share how do you register Cilckbank ? Because my account was disabled by them as soon as I signed up.

    1. Hmmm…. I registered Clickbank quite a number of years ago. Nothing complicated, just signed up and got the account immediately. Maybe some things have changed recently? I need to check and update this.

  3. Nice. I found this article after looking for any affiliate courses that geared toward malaysian market. But anyway, I am considering the savage affiliate course later. Thank you!

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