Flexipack International Malaysia Review: Good International Shipping Option for Malaysian E-commerce Business?

Flexipack International was launched in late 2014 as a cost-effective option for Malaysians to send documents and parcels to Southeast Asian countries and beyond.

For e-commerce business owners, Flexipack International provides a cheaper option for selling cross-borders to countries like Singapore, Australia, the US and UK.

If you’ve been looking to know more about Flexipack International and how you can use it to grow your e-commerce business, I’ve prepared this guide to help you learn:

  • What is Flexipack International?
  • How much does it cost to ship with Flexipack?
  • How do you send documents or parcels using Flexipack?
  • How long does delivery take?
  • How does Flexipack compare with EMS?
  • When should you use Flexipack?

Let’s dive right in!

Get to Know: Flexipack International’s Main Features

What are some of the important features of Flexipack International?

  • It’s a door-to-door delivery postal service
  • You purchase a pre-paid document or parcel
  • The maximum weight is 2kg and 250cm x 200cm x 100cm (volumetric)
  • It’s priced between RM10 – RM110, depending on the shipping destination and weight
  • You don’t get a tracking number, but you can buy one

Shipping Zone, Prices and Sizes for Flexipack International

Now you know about the main features of Flexipack International, here’s how much it will cost you:

Image from Pos Malaysia Website

Delivery Time for Flexipack International

There is no indication on Flexipack’s page on the delivery time, but based on experience, Zone 1 shipments take between 7 – 10 working days and Zone 2 shipments can take anywhere from 10 – 21 working days.

Of course, these won’t include public holidays. If you are shipping out during public holidays, expect delays in deliveries.

Flexipack International vs EMS

How does Flexipack International compare with EMS? Let’s take a look:

Header Flexipack International

Rate & Delivery Time (Singapore), 1kg

RM407 – 10 working days RM32 (document)

RM64 (parcel)

2 – 3 working days

Rate & Delivery Time (United States), 1kg RM60

10 – 21 working days

RM95 (document)

RM141 (parcel)

3 – 6 working days

Tracking Number Availability Not available – need to buy separately Available
Maximum weight 2kg 30kg
Countries Covered More than 200 More than 200

From the comparison, we note that EMS has:

  • Faster delivery
  • Higher weight limit
  • Automatic tracking number assigned

So if you need faster delivery, are shipping more than 2kg and prefer an automatically assigned tracking number, EMS might be the better choice.

On the other hand, if cost is your main concern, your parcel is under 2kg and you don’t need a tracking number, Flexipack International might be a better choice for you.

Note: Get to know more about EMS Malaysia’s rates here and the expected delivery times here.

Where to buy Flexipack International?

There are two ways to buy Flexipack International:

1. Pos Malaysia Outlet

You can buy Flexipack International pre-paid parcels at any Pos Malaysia outlet.

2. Eziemall.com (Online)

Eziemall is the main site where you can buy any POS Malaysia product online and have it delivered to you. You can buy Flexipack Prepaid parcels as well as tracking numbers here.

Steps to Ship using Flexipack International

1. Purchase Flexipack International Prepaid from Eziemall.com or any Pos Malaysia outlet

Buy your prepaid parcel from Eziemall.com or from any Pos Malaysia outlet.

2. Pack your shipment securely and place inside the

Be sure to check that the item you are sending complies with the import regulation of your destination country.

3. Complete address

Be sure to include a complete address before shipping. Full name, postcode, complete shipping address and contact number are required.

4. Optional: Buy a tracking number 

If you need a tracking number, you can buy one from Pos Malaysia, or Eziemall also.

Do note there are two types of tracking numbers:

Track-on 2: This type of tracking number stops at Malaysia’s borders. So once your package leaves Malaysia, you won’t be able to track it using the same tracking number.

Track Label (International): This type of tracking number tracks all the way to the destination country up to delivery to your customer’s doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can I ship more than 2kg with Flexipack International?

Unfortunately, 2kg is the maximum allowed weight using Flexipack International. If you want to ship more than 2kg, you can use EMS instead.

Q: Who will pay for custom import duties?

Flexipack does not include custom duties. The receiver will need to pay for any import duties incurred.

Have other questions? Ask them in the comments below and I’ll try to answer them!


Flexipack International provides an affordable and convenient alternative for e-commerce business owners to sell to countries outside Malaysia. It is best for shipments below 2kg where your customers don’t expect the shipment urgently.

You can buy Flexipack International from Eziemall.com or any Pos Malaysia outlet. Depending on your shipment weight and shipping destination, it will cost you anywhere between RM10 – RM110 per shipment before tracking numbers.

Let me know: what has your personal experience been with Flexipack? Are you still using it today?

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23 Responses

    1. None. That’s all the cost you need to pay. Of course, if you are shipping to non-duty-free items, be wary about letting your customers know about possible duties they might need to pay to collect the item.

      1. Hi! Ms Lu,

        When you said non “Duty Free” items, what items are considered as non duty free ? Kindly enlighten me. Thank you.

        1. Hi Martin,

          Sure. What is classified under “Duty Free” would depend on the country. So before you ship it, you will need the check the country’s import site. You will normally be able to find very detailed lists of items what items will incur a duty and how much the duty will be.

          Hope this helps.

          Lu Wee

    1. Yes. R tracking is RM10.50 now and LP tracking is RM13.50. Prices have definitely gone up since I last used this!

      In any case, you may check the latest prices on Eziemall.com.

  1. Hi there, with the newly revised rate effective 14 January 2020 (for example Size M blue is now RM48 where it used to be RM29 then RM35 then RM38), do you still think using flexipack international is a better choice to send your parcel? Any idea what else other option that is available? It is getting hard for us a small scale home based seller to do business nowadays.

    1. Hi, yes, Flexipack’s pricing has drastically increased, so I’ll need to review its use for international shipping once more. At this price range, we definitely have more shipping options we can use. I agree it is hard for home-based sellers. Don’t give up though! There’s definitely a way around this.

      – Lu Wee

      1. Hi Lu Wee, how to make an amendment on the address error for the item that has been shipped from Malaysia to Australia? The sender didnt buy any tracking number as well.
        Thank you

        1. Pos Malaysia is one of the largest postal service providers in Malaysia. Today, I am going to show you how to do Poslaju Tracking by using your tracking number on couriertrackingfinder website. It’s an official way to track Poslaju and it’s just a matter of seconds to do it! The overall procedure of Poslaju track and trace at website is pretty simple. Besides that, I am going to list some interesting facts, courier rates, and amazing services provided by POS Malaysia.

        2. Pos Malaysia is one of the largest postal service providers in Malaysia. Today, I am going to show you how to do Poslaju Tracking by using your tracking number on couriertrackingfinder website. It’s an official way to track poslaju tracking parcel and it’s just a matter of seconds to do it! The overall procedure of Poslaju track and trace at website is pretty simple. Besides that, I am going to list interesting facts, courier rates, and amazing services provided by POS Malaysia.

  2. During MCO, is Flexipack still deliver to Singapore? I posted one Flexipack last week to Singapore without tracking number as i do not know have to buy tracking number. I thought the tracking number was in my receipt. Now i worry will my Flexipack to my friend (Singapore) will go missing 🙁 🙁

  3. Hi, ,i make a mistake for purchased the cheaper tracking number. May i ask, will the parcel be delivered by Australia mail or by other private company?

  4. Hi!
    With regards to flexipack increased its pricing drastically for international sellers, is it true that for very small items that we sell we can op for “Airmail Registered” delivery ? If yes, can anyone enlighten me on this as i could not find any detailed info for airmail services, pricing and tracking etc. Neither are pos malaysia workers picking up calls made to them.
    I’m trying to post a pair of very small and light silicon item that weights very very light and its a waste to pay for flexipack. Does airmail allow for sending of items other than normal letters and documents ? Does it have tracking service and how much are those charged.

    1. Hi Martin,

      Yes, you are right on that. Flexipack pricing has increased drastically. I’ll need to update this post.

      Hm, whether you use “Airmail Registered” will depend on what your customers expect… as these parcels normally do not have a tracking number. At this point, I really wouldn’t depend on Pos Malaysia to pick up any calls… they are very busy.

      If you need a quick solution, I’d recommend going for DHL eCommerce, Aramex, or EMS… these are pretty fast and now that Flexipack pricing has increased, pretty much affordable in comparison.

      Hope this helps! I’ll try to do a post on all the international shipping options in the future if it helps.

      Lu Wee

  5. Hello, Ms Lu. If for oil painting canvas, does it require a different process of shipping or the same as any other items? Do I need any extra documents like MSDS or not?

    1. Hi Anith, very sorry, I have no idea about shipping oil painting canvas as I’ve never shipped items in this category before.

  6. Hi, i have not ship anything before but i would like to ask if i buy a size s flexipack from pos laju and write the address, and give it pos laju, is there any additional charges?

  7. Hello i post parcel to my friend at us with flexipack on 11april..last update 24april. But untill now 13mei my friends still not received the parcel. What should i do. Where i can check. Please poslaju help me.

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