Book Recommendation: 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene – May 2018

Since I get inquiries from people to recommend them books quite a bit, I’ve decided to add a section on Entrepreneur Campfire to introduce you books I’ve found useful in my life and business every month.

In this first edition, I want to share with you a book that helped me through a very difficult time in my business. The book is Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power (RM36 from Kinokuniya Malaysia & RM56.43 from BookDepository).

If you are unfamiliar with Robert Greene, he is a bestselling author on power, strategy and seduction.

What I love most about Greene’s books are his concise writing style and how he backs up each claim he makes with what appears to be hours of research.

In this way, I believe, Greene has made each of his books a classic – books that stand the test of time and can be read again and again when needed.

Greene’s books are also divided into individual chapters that can be read separately. This means if you happen to want to consume the topic in Chapter 15, you don’t have to read Chapter 14 first, you can just jump into it and then out of it.

If you are someone who likes learning about strategy and digging deep into human psychology, you will find Greene’s books very enjoyable indeed.

Now, let’s get back to 48 Laws of Power

I had a copy of 48 Laws of Power for about a year and read a bit from it from time to time. But it was when I faced a problem with a business partnership that I read the entire book cover to cover.

After I read it, I solved the entire problem in three months.

The book’s premise is this:

There are subtle and intentional ways in which you can control how powerful you appear to other people. When you learn how to do it, then you become in control of how you are perceived and you take control of the power dynamics in the situation to achieve your goals.

This is a good book to read if you find yourself in a position of weakness but aspire for more power and control over the outcome of things that happen around you.

This applies when you are in a business partnership, or when you are an employee of an organization where you hope to gain a higher position in.

Every chapter is written to be read separately. You only have to read the one that applies to your situation.

Here is a Chapter outline for this book I think you will find useful to read to discover if this is a book you’d like.

Happy reading and let me know you think of the book if you’ve already read it 🙂

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