Curlec is a pay-per-use payment gateway that lets merchants offer Credit/Debit card, FPX and e-wallet payment methods. Curlec’s Plans Curlec has one standard plan that fits the needs of businesses with an annual turnover of under RM1 million. Businesses with turnovers higher than RM1 million may contact Curlec for a customised plan and fees. Curlec’s […]


toyyibPay primarily lets merchants accept payments using the FPX payment method in Malaysia. At RM1 per transaction, its fees are one of the lowest in Malaysia. Credit/debit card payments are also available through a Card Payment add-on. toyyibPay’s Plans: Santai, Standard and Enterprise toyyibPay offers merchants three plans to choose from: Credit/debit card payments are […]


eGHL is one of the pioneer payment gateways in Malaysia. The publicly listed company offers merchants a large number of payment features for payments made online or offline. Merchants can accept payments using popular payment methods in Malaysia like FPX, credit/debit cards, e-wallets and even BNPL. eGHL’s Plans eGHL’s plans are not provided on the […]


Billplz is one of the most versatile and low-cost payment gateways in Malaysia. You can start offering popular payment methods in Malaysia – FPX, Credit/Debit cards, e-wallets and BNPL – even with an RM0/month Basic Plan. Billplz’s Plans: Basic, Standard and Enterprise Merchants can choose from three Billplz membership plans: What’s the difference between the […]


PayPal is one of the pioneer payment solutions and payment gateway in the world. For most businesses in Malaysia, however, its features are pretty limited. Other than accepting PayPal payments, PayPal only accepts payments through credit/debit card. You can’t accept payments through FPX, e-wallets or BNPL solutions. On top of that, PayPal has the highest […]


From social media sellers without a website to SMEs or enterprise merchants with a web presence, senangPay allows businesses of all sizes to offer every kind of payment method to their customers. senangPay’s Plans: Starter, Advance, Advance Plus & Special Merchants can choose from four senangPay plans: What’s the difference between the four plans? The […]