Q & A | Is the market too saturated for a new restaurant?

Q & A is where Entrepreneur Campfire will get our panel of experts to answer your business questions. If you have a business question, write in to ask@entrepreneurcampfire.com Question from reader: I want to start a business selling Italian food. But I notice that there are already three restaurants in my area selling Italian food. […]

1 Year Later | Campfire Interviews Jack Ho, Founder of Yvez Industries

Last year I had the opportunity to interview my friend and entrepreneur Jack Ho. Since then, some things have changed. Jack took up a role as the CSR of the Malaysian National Oil and Gas Company, Petronas to better serve the community around him. Oil prices have also since dropped to a 15 year low. […]

Dare to Fail: The One Trait All Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly” – Robert Kennedy What do people like Richard Branson, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Donald Trump, and countless of entrepreneurs out there have in common? What about Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, visionaries of the 20th century?

The Danger of Measuring Vanity Metrics

What gets measured gets done. While measurements will likely help you understand what your customers or users are doing on your website or how they are interacting with your business, not all measurements are made equal. According to Eric Reiss, founder of the Lean Start Up movement, some measurements make you feel good but aren’t […]

4 Types of Revenue Models Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

Whenever I hear someone tell me things like, “I want to create an app to help people find the cheapest price for a product!” or “My startup idea is going change the world!”, I ask them, “What is your revenue model? How do you make money?” After a long silence, they will usually reply, “Oh, […]

7 Powerful Books That Inspired Me To Start a Business

Books are a great way to learn from the best thinkers ever alive. Many successful people attribute their most significant turning point in life to having read a good book. It’s true for me and it’s probably true for you too. One of the books that inspired me to start a business was Adam Khoo‘s […]