How to Enable Cash on Delivery (COD) on your Shopify Store in Malaysia (2022)

Enabling Cash on Delivery (COD) payment method for Shopify stores in Malaysia involves a few steps: Choose a courier company that offers COD payment Setup Cash on Delivery in Shopify as a manual payment method Add a Cash on Delivery app to charge a COD fee Mark orders bought with COD as paid In this […]

BookDepository Malaysia: 3 Reasons You Should Buy Books Online Here

I read 40-50 books a year. In the past, I bought all my books from the local bookstore. But now, I buy only 20% of my books from the local bookstore. As for the remaining 80% of books, I buy them at Book Depository. By buying from BookDepository, I end up saving at least RM500 […]

Q & A | Start a tech business with no coding skills?

Question from reader: Q & A is where Entrepreneur Campfire will get our panel of experts to answer your business questions. If you have a business question, write in to I have an idea to create a marketplace site like Lelong. But I am not from an IT background and cannot code. I want […]

4 Biggest Reasons New Businesses Fail: Here’s How to Not to Make the Same Mistakes

Being your own boss, playing by your own rules and changing the world while making millions. That’s the dream, right? A quick search online tells you that it’s possible. In Southeast Asia, companies have been acquired in multi-million and even billion dollar deals. If this makes you excited, you might have already started your own business, or are planning to […]