Yezza Store eCommerce Malaysia | Plans, Pricing & Key Features (2024)

Pricing starts from
RM50/month – RM197/month
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Pros and Cons of Yezza Store

  • Easy to setup
  • All the essentials are available at a low price
  • Suitable for small to medium businesses
  • Limited features – could be insufficient if your business grows

Yezza was first launched amidst the pandemic of 2020 by Ammar Roslizar and Wan Aizuddin, the founding team behind tech-enabled travel company ARBA Travel as a WhatsApp storefront solution. They joined Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 batch. Today, Yezza has gone beyond just a WhatsApp storefront and can now support full-fledged online stores.

Yezza’s Plans: Start & Growth Plans

Yezza offers merchants a choice of two plans:

  • Start (RM50/month)
  • Growth (RM197/month)

Both plans do not charge a transaction fee on sales made on merchant stores.

What’s the Difference Between Start and Growth?

The key differences between the two plans are:

  • Number of WhatsApp forms
  • Number of users
  • Follow up system
  • Shopify and WooCommerce inventory and order syncing

The Start Plan is the cheaper of the two and is best for small businesses. You get just 3 WhatsApp forms and 3 users. You won’t get access to the follow-up system or the Shopify and WooCommerce syncing. This is a plan you can get started with but unlikely to continue staying once your business takes off.

The Growth Plan is the more expensive of the two and includes Yezza’s full suite of features. You get 10 WhatsApp forms, 10 users as well as access to the follow-up system and Shopify and WooCommerce syncing.