The Risks & Rewards of Equity Crowdfunding in Malaysia (for Business Owners & Investors)

Equity crowdfunding is becoming a popular way for businesses to raise money in Malaysia. Through equity crowdfunding, a business can raise money by selling ordinary shares of their company to investors. As of June 2019, RM432million has been raised through equity crowdfunding in Malaysia. If you are interested in raising money or investing in a company through […]

5 Malaysians Earning More than US$100 on Patreon and What They are Doing to Make Money

Most Malaysians know about e-commerce, drop shipping, online marketplaces, selling ebooks and online courses as ways of making money online. But fewer Malaysians know about a website called Patreon and how it allows creators to add an extra income stream for themselves. If you’ve never heard of Patreon, let me explain what it is about: […]