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Influencer marketing is growing in Malaysia. As a business owner, you can leverage on the audience that influencers have built to raise awareness for your new business or drive sales to any promotional campaign you have planned.

One of the places you can advertise your business through influencers is through websites and blogs.

In this post, I will list some of the most popular websites and blogs you can advertise your business on. While not all of them will call themselves ‘influencers’, most will have enough influence to help your brand reach thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people.

But before that, let’s take a look some of the things you need to know before you start contacting the websites and blogs to advertise for your business.

Things You Need to Know About Advertising in Website and Blogs

Advertise in a relevant niche

It is best for you to choose a website which is the same as your niche. This means you need to study the audience of the website or blog before you work on an advertising with them. The last thing you want to do is to for example try to sell your beauty products on a tech site.

Be ready to pay for advertising

While you may want to give your influencers some free products or services in exchange for talking about your business, you need to also be prepared to pay for advertising.

This is especially true for websites with a larger amount of traffic. The more traffic they have, the more you will need to pay for a feature. The price for one piece can range anything from a few hundred to a few thousand to a few hundred thousand RM.

Be prepared for results not to expect

In the ideal situation, when you advertise, you will immediately get the results you want. But with any kind of advertising, with influencer marketing, you must be prepared to test.

Even a website’s popularity is not a guarantee of success. A website getting a lot of traffic does not necessarily mean you will get to achieve your business goals.

Work together with the website to craft content

While it can be tempting to want the influencer to do exactly what you want them to, it may be better for you to allow the website or blog owner to come up with the content on your behalf. The reason for this is because the website or blog owner would better understand what their audience best respond to.

Instead of preparing everything 100%, be prepared to work together with the influencer to build an advertising piece or campaign that can help you.

Have a call to action in your content

One of the biggest mistakes people make when advertising is that they do not put a goal in their advertising. While they may spend a lot of time building and pay for advertising, they may not have a practical enough call to action for them to do. This can include using a special promo code or using a special link to get a discount.

Have a way to track

Another mistake people make when they advertise is that they don’t have a way of tracking the effectiveness of each advertising method.

This is especially true when you are running advertising through a few different channels at once. How would you be able to tell which channel is most effective?

The way you can do this is by placing unique tracking links or promo codes for each advertising piece you do. This way you will which advertising piece worked better and do more of it.

20+ Blogs and Websites You Can Advertise on in Malaysia

Here are some of the top blogs in Malaysia that have spots for advertisement. I have divided the blogs based on industry.

These will be useful for you if you are trying to target a primarily Malaysian audience.

Ranking and traffic figures from Alexa and Similarweb are accurate to the time of publication.





Personal Finance

Travel and Food



Media sites generally get the most views. But the audience tends not to be focused. I would recommend paying for an advertisement on media sites if what you are offering appeals to a mass audience.

If you have a very niche product, you may not see a very good ROI from advertising with media sites.

Coverage: News, food and drinks, politics, entertainment

Traffic estimate: 4.01m

Alexa Ranking: 217

Advertisement contact: Contact Page

Coverage: News, food and drinks, politics, entertainment, tech

Traffic estimate: 3.55m

Alexa Ranking: 618

Advertisement contact: WOB’s Advertise Page

Coverage: News, food and drinks, politics, entertainment, tech

Traffic estimate: 593,000+

Alexa Ranking: 2,027

Advertisement contact: VulcanPost’s Advertising Page

Coverage: News, food and drinks, politics

Traffic estimate: 319,000+

Alexa Ranking: 4,781

Advertisement contact: VitDaily’s Facebook Page


These are blogs that cover the trends in Malaysia, including latest hangout spots.

These are good websites for you if you happen to be a bar, club, dinner and so on.

Coverage: Food and drinks, lifestyle

Traffic estimate: N/A

Alexa Ranking: 11,499

Advertisement contact:’s PR Page

Coverage: Food and drinks, lifestyle

Traffic estimate: 124,000+

Alexa Ranking: 5,866

Advertisement contact: TallyPress’ Advertising Page

Coverage: Entertainment news

Traffic estimate: 1.58m

Alexa Ranking: 187

Advertisement contact: BeautifulNara’s Advertising Page


These are sites that cover automotive news, releasing news about latest car model releases and so on.

If you happen to be a car or car accessories dealer, you would find it useful to advertise on these sites.

Coverage: Automotive news

Traffic estimate: 3.19m

Alexa Ranking: 18

Advertisement contact:’s Advertisement Page


Tech sites cover the latest phone and trendy gadget releases.

If you are a big brand with phone for sale, or some unique phone accessories, you can work together with these sites to get them to be part of your advertising campaign.

Coverage: Tech and gadget news

Traffic estimate: 1.57m

Alexa Ranking: 385

Advertisement contact: Soyacincau’s Advertising Page

Coverage: Tech and gadget news

Traffic estimate: 1.65m

Alexa Ranking: 460

Advertisement contact: TechNave’s Advertising Page

Personal finance

These are personal finance sites which cover topics like: which are the best credit cards to use, how to keep a budget, how to make investments and so on.

If you happen to offer a financial product, you could collaborate with these sites to help you reach more people.

Coverage: Personal finance

Traffic estimate: N/A

Alexa Ranking: 6,524

Advertisement contact: Contact Page

Travel and Food

These are sites that provide guides to travel spots and eateries in Malaysia as well as around the world.

If you happen to offer a travel experience, a tour agency, a restaurant owner, you might find collaborating with these sites useful.

Coverage: Travel, food

Traffic estimate: 127,000+

Alexa Ranking: 18,158

Advertisement contact: Advertising Page

Coverage: Travel, food

Traffic estimate: 87,000+

Alexa Ranking: 6,112

Advertisement contact: Advertising Page

Coverage: Travel, food

Traffic estimate: 85,000+

Alexa Ranking: 9,375

Advertisement contact: Contact Page

Coverage: Travel, food

Traffic estimate: N/A

Alexa Ranking: 12,005

Advertisement contact: Advertising Page

Coverage: Travel, food

Traffic estimate: 66,900+

Alexa Ranking: 3,780

Advertisement contact: Advertising Page

Coverage: Travel

Traffic estimate: N/A

Alexa Ranking: 33,446

Advertisement contact: Contact Page


These are sites that provide business guides and reports of business trends in Malaysia and the region.

If you offer a business service or products for business owners, you may find collaborating with these sites useful.

(Disclaimer: This is the site you are reading now)

This is the blog you are reading.

Coverage: Business in Malaysia

Traffic estimate: 22,700+

Alexa Ranking: 10,378

Advertisement contact: Contact Page

Coverage: Business in Southeast Asia

Traffic estimate: 83,100+

Alexa Ranking: 10,389

Advertisement contact: Contact Page


There you have it – top websites and blogs in Malaysia you can consider buying advertising on. By leveraging the audience that the influencers or website owners already have, you can reach a larger audience.

Though, whether or not your advertising succeeds depends on many factors. It is important to start by picking a website or blog with the audience that is suitable for your product or service. Other than that, a popular blog may not guarantee results.

In any case, it is worth testing to find out if a website or blog is an effective place for you to do advertising for your products and services.

Have I missed any top blog or website that offers advertisement space in Malaysia? Leave them in the comment below and I will feature them:

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