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Hiring a whole operations team can be hard, and expensive -- especially when you're new to e-commerce.
Activate our support to help you grow.

We can help you with your e-commerce store

Our store pros can help you with some of the most common tasks.

Shop assistance

Example: Uploading new products, editing product inventory, and pricing.

Content assistance

Example: Blog content upload, and product description updates.

Theme assistance

Example: Updating theme colours, adding custom features.

How it works

Get to know how our care plan works and understand the processes we use to resolve your tasks.

Step 1: Task request

Describe your problem in as much detail as possible, and submit your task request. This will help us understand what you need done.

Step 2: We work

We'll get to work based on the problem described. If there are clarifications required, we'll get back to you. Otherwise, we'll get to work right away!

Step 3: Task complete

The task is complete between 1 - 3 days, depending on your service plan and task size. You can move on to the next task!

Care Plans


For small stores with basic needs



What's included

  • Up to 10 basic tasks/month
  • Queue 1 task at a time
  • 2 business days delivery
  • Shop assistance
  • Content assistance
  • E-mail & WhatsApp support

Looking for a smaller plan? Our Lite Plan (RM99/month) comes with 2 basic tasks per month. Get Lite Plan →

Plan Sign Up

Let us know about your business and we'll be in touch!


What are basic tasks?

One basic tasks is a task that can be completed in 30 minutes or less. For example: the install and setup of one Shopify app, changing the product description on your product page, or re-configuring the settings in one app.

Basic tasks, however, do not include making code level edits to the site (like editing theme). You will need theme edit credits for these.

How quickly can basic tasks be completed?

On the standard plan, expect tasks to be completed in 2 business days. For Accelerate plan customers, expect tasks to be completed within the next business day.

Lite plan customers can expect tasks to be completed in 3 working days.

What are theme edit credits?

Theme edit credits are equal to 30 minutes of development time on your theme.

If you run out of theme edit credits, you can convert your basic tasks to dev credits, or purchase more credits at a fixed rate.

Do you support graphic design or customer service?

We can't help you with graphic design or customer service.

What countries do you support?

Our customers are primarily located in Malaysia and Singapore. While we can support countries outside these, there will be some discrepancies in support time.

Is there a contract period?

There's no contract period. You can sign up for a minimum of 1 month. For annual contracts, we offer up to 2 months off.

What are your support hours?

Our working hours are between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Fridays. We will not be available on weekends and public holidays. Any support request submitted outside of our working hours will be attended to in the next working day.

My store is not on Shopify, or EasyStore. Can you still help?

Unfortunately, we can only support Shopify and EasyStore e-commerce stores at this time.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we don't offer a refund. However, if you're interested to test out our service, our Lite Plan (RM99/month) is a great way to get started.

Have more questions?

Chat with us to find out if we can help you with your e-commerce needs.

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