Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful design tools out there. It’s the go-to tool for serious graphic designers who depend on it for their livelihoods.

They take years to master the skill to come up with interesting designs for their clients.

For people who aren’t professional graphic designers and just want to create simple but attractive graphics for their social media pages and blogs?

Photoshop is an overkill, and takes too much time to learn.

That’s why drag-and-drop graphic design tools have popped up.

These tools are created specifically for people who don’t have any design skills, especially Photoshop skills.

You can get started within a day, or even less than an hour.

Whether you want to create graphics for your Facebook or Instagram pages, or Infographics for your blog, you’ll find these tools useful.

Although I would recommend going for the paid plans to unlock the most features, you can give these tools a test run with their free plans first.

Let’s get started!

#1. Stencil – for social media images (from $9 / RM27 a month)

Stencil is the best in market tool for social media images. This is my go-to when I need to create quick images for Facebook or Instagram.

Stencil has a library of photos and graphics you can use.

The caveat is that you won’t be able to use stencil for infographics. If infographics is important for you, go for the next two options – DesignBold or Canva.

If you want to create social media images quick and easy, Stencil will give you the best value for money.

I’ve been a Stencil user for almost four years now.

Images like these literally took me minutes to make:

Stencil comes with three pricing plans: free, $9/month (50 images per month) and $12/month (unlimited images). 

You can sign up for Stencil’s free plan to get a feel of how it’s like to design with the tool:

See it in action here:

 * * *

#2. Canva – for everything ($12.95 / RM55 a month)

With over 10 million users, Canva is by far the most popular drag-and-drop design tools in the market.

That’s not surprise. What’s not to love about Canva’s extensive library of stock photos, tools, fonts and templates?

Unlike Stencil, Canva’s tools aren’t limited to social media images. You can design anything from infographics, brochures, social media images and even business cards using Canva. 

Though it has thousands of free stock photos, if that isn’t enough for you, you can always get more for just $1 per photo.

Canva comes with 2 main pricing tiers: free and $12.95/month (for work).

Get a feel of how it’s like to design with Canva by signing up for its free tier:

See Canva in action here:

 * * *

#3. DesignBold – for everything ($19 / RM80 a month)

Like Canva, DesignBold is a full-suite design software. You can create anything from brochures, social media images, infographics and business cards with DesignBold.

Although slightly pricier than Canva, DesignBold’s $19/month plan comes with a complimentary 20 stock photos valued at $16 ($0.80 each). If you are looking for a more versatile collection of stock photos, you might fit right into DesignBold.

Overall, for heavy stock photo users, DesignBold plan will give you more value for money.

DesignBold comes with two pricing tiers: free and $19/month (Pro).

To give it a DesignBold a trial run, you can sign up for its free plan first:

See Canva in action here:

 * * *


Visually appealing graphics have become an important part of any marketing campaign. 

It used to be that only people who were skilled with Adobe Photoshop could create attractive designs. These days, though, there are tools anyone can use to create designs for their brands.

With drag and drop features, a library of stock images and endless design elements, you can create useful and engaging images within minutes!

Over to you! Which ones of these photoshop alternatives have you tried? Which ones would you recommend?


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