KiplePay Payment Gateway | Key Features, Pricing & Comparison

Min. Transaction Fee


Min. Annual Fee


Supported Payment Methods

Credit/Debit Card, Digital Wallets/E-wallets

Supported Digital Wallets

Boost, Touch N Go, GrabPay, AliPay

Recurring Payments

Not supported

Instalment Payments

Not supported

What is KiplePay?

KiplePay offers a unified payment solution for businesses.

  • Does not offer FPX.

More information

  • Easily accept payments by Credit/Debit cards and e-wallets.
  • Enable POS terminal easily.

Any business registered in Malaysia.

T + 2 days

Shopify, EasyStore

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KiplePay Pricing


How to choose the best payment gateway for your business?

Choosing the right payment gateway for your business is a key decision. Read our comprehensive guide to find out how to choose the best payment gateway for your business, or speak to our consultant for professional advice.