Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Malaysia Review: from RM20/month – is it worth it?

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Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) is one of the most powerful and complete productivity suites in the market.

You can send emails, create and edit documents, and even run your meetings all using Google Workspace apps.

This can be a time-saver, especially if you have a large team.

But these features come at a cost. For Malaysians, Google Workspace's productivity suites are priced from RM20/month, up to RM75/month per user. If you have a large team, these costs can add up.

The question is: is it worth it?

In this post, we look at what Google Workspace offers and help you make a decision.

Google Workspace Pricing in Malaysia

Google Workspace offers 3 pricing tiers:

  • RM20/user/month Business Starter Plan (RM25/user/month after first year) - comes with 100 participant size Google Meet, and up to 30GB cloud storage. For the user with lower needs when it comes to storage and meeting size.
  • RM40/user/month Business Standard Plan (RM50/user/month after first year) - comes with 150 participant size Google Meet (with recording), and up to 2TB cloud storage. For the user with intermediate needs when it comes to storage and meeting size.
  • RM75/user/month Business Plan - comes with 250 participant size Google Meet (with recording and attendance tracking), and up to 5TB cloud storage. For the user with advanced needs when it comes to storage, meeting size, security and team control.

There's no free tier for Google Workspace.

Pricing is also pretty flexible. You can add and remove users from your Google Workspace as your business needs evolve.

What's included in Google Workspace?

When you subscribe to Google Workspace, you get Google's suite of popular tools like Gmail, Meet, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets and more. Check out the full list of included apps below:

For most users, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Drive, Calendar and Drive would most likely be the apps they'll use most frequently.

We'll take a closer look at them below:


Gmail probably takes the top spot when it comes to the reasons why people buy a Google Workspace subscription.

With Google Workspace, you get to use all of what Gmail has to offer, plus have a custom domain linked e-mail address like this:

This is great for anyone who wants to take advantage of Google Workspace's strong suite of applications and look professional.

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most widely used cloud-based word processing on the web. While it isn't quite as powerful as MS Word, Google Docs offers a pretty competitive set of word processing features.

While any Google account user can use Google Docs, you are afforded with more team control features in Google Workspace.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is yet another popular cloud solution. If you prefer a cloud solution, Sheets come in handy. It is A pretty powerful cloud alternative to MS Excel.

As with Google Docs, while any Google account user can use Google Sheets, you are afforded with more team control features in Google Workspace.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the most popular cloud calendar solutions in the market. As such, you'll find Google Calendar integration with a lot of tools. This makes it easy for you to organise your schedule in sync with other tools you use.

Great for helping you keep your schedule organised. When you subscribe to Google Workspace, you'll get a Google Calendar that is tied to your own custom domain e-mail account.

Google Drive

Google Drive provides one of the most reliable storage. You can keep all your Google Doc, Google Sheet, Google Sheet files, as well as files in all kinds of formats like PDF, JPEG, PNG, MP4 and more in Google Drive. 

While free Google account users can get up to 15GB of free space, a subscription to Google Workspace's Business Starter plan doubles that space to 30GB.

If you need a lot more space, the Business Standard plan gives you even more space to 2TB.

Should You Use Google Workspace?

Whether you are a solo business owner, or work in a team, you'll find Google Workspace almost essential if you live and work within the Google ecosystem.

Which Google Workspace Plan to Pick?

For most businesses, the Business Standard plan (RM40/user/month) makes the most sense. It has just enough storage to last you for the long-term.

On the other hand, if you are a solo business owner, or just anyone who wants to take advantage of having your own custom domain linked e-mail, the Business Starter plan (RM20/user/month) would be quite suitable.

Getting Started with Google Workspace

It's super simple to get started with Google Workspace. Just click on the sign up link below to get started.

(You can even get on a 14 day trial to size it up to see if it's for you)


It's hard to find an alternative that can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the powerful Swiss army knife of Google Workspace.

There is a plan for teams of any size and needs. If your requirements are on the lower end, considering opting for Business Starter. For most companies, your business will land in the Business Standard plan.

Use Google Workspace to get a custom domain linked email, and improve your credibility.

It's easy to sign up for Google Workspace, you'll get up to 14 days free. So you can test run and see if the productivity suite offers you what you're looking for!

Sign up here.


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