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E-commerce in Malaysia is growing at an accelerated rate in 2020. This is in part thanks to COVID-19, which forced the majority of Malaysians to shift their work and personal lives indoors.

With more Malaysians buying online than ever before, businesses everywhere are starting to see the importance of digitising their business. Many traditionally brick and mortar business have launched their own e-commerce sites.

There's little doubt that e-commerce is here to stay in - so, which sites are leading the race in e-commerce in Malaysia? More importantly, what can you learn from the business models they are adapting?

In this post, I've gathered the top 10 most popular e-commerce websites in Malaysia based on Alexa's latest rankings

Figures are accurate as of August 2020.


Alexa Ranking: #3 in Malaysia
Estimated Monthly Visitors: 35.9m

Shopee is currently the most popular e-commerce website in Malaysia. It is an online marketplace that connects buyers with sellers.

Launched in 2015, it is a relatively new e-commerce marketplace player compared to pioneers like Lelong, and Lazada.

It rose in popularity in Malaysia thanks to its generous free shipping promotion for buyers and zero commissions for sellers in the early days. Shopee's easy to use mobile app has allowed its continued popularity.

For Malaysians who want to start selling on Shopee, you can get started by following this easy guide.


Alexa Ranking: #9 in Malaysia
Estimated Monthly Visitors: 13.54m

At one point the most popular e-commerce website and marketplace in Malaysia, nowadays, Lazada has fallen to the number two spot. Though, it is still ahead of pioneer marketplace players like Lelong.

Lazada is also a great place to get started selling online. Learn how to do that by following this easy guide.


Alexa Ranking: #18 in Malaysia
Estimated Monthly Visitors: 8m

Mudah is Malaysia's largest classifieds listings website. Unlike e-commerce marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada, Mudah does not facilitate buy and sell transactions on its site. Rather, deals found on the website are transacted outside of the website between buyer and seller.


Alexa Ranking: #26 in Malaysia
Estimated Monthly Visitors: 2.58bn

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce sites in the world.

If you're interested to sell on Amazon, you can check out


Alexa Ranking: #36 in Malaysia
Estimated Monthly Visitors: 442.53m

AliExpress is the retail marketplace arm of Buyers from Malaysia prefer buying from AliExpress thanks to its cheap prices and wide selection of products.


Alexa Ranking: #43 in Malaysia
Estimated Monthly Visitors: 440.49m

Taobao is a Chinese marketplace site. Thanks to its cheap prices, Taobao has become one of Malaysians' favourite online shopping destinations.


As you can see, the biggest e-commerce websites in Malaysia are mainly dominated by online marketplaces.

What this means for you is that on top of building your own e-commerce website, it is also worth adding e-commerce marketplaces as a distribution channel if you haven't done that already.

Nonetheless, other than leveraging on the e-commerce marketplaces as distribution channels, you can also take the lessons of growth and apply them to your own website.

The same can be said of the branded e-commerce sites that have grown even in the presence of competitive prices offered by e-commerce marketplaces.


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    1. Hey Nicholas,

      I’d love to, but it’s not something I’ve explored personally yet. Nonetheless, when I do manage to profit from Amazon I’ll do a write-up.

      – Lu Wee

        1. Oh I see, I’ve not used any of them before unfortunately! I’m testing Shopify related plugins mostly like Oberlo.

          Nonetheless, I think Alidropship is worth trying too. I’ll test it out and write a review for it after! Thanks for the suggestion Nicholas!

    1. Hi Aiman,

      List articles like this are constantly being updated, so I’m unable to give you the publish date, or it will be misleading to yourself and other readers.

  1. Hi,
    Would you give us advice on paymer gateway and how to set it up if I operate the e-commerce site from Malaysia but targeting internatiinal customers ?
    Thank You

    1. Hey Nicholas,

      Sure – PayPal is one of the best ones to start with, because it is globally recognised and Malaysians can open account. Hope it helps!

      – Lu Wee

  2. Hi,
    What is your opinion on Shophelper by Cason and Alidropship ?
    Can one really succeed bearing in mind that there are thousands and thousands of people doing the same thing with the same strategies by these companies ?

    Thank You.

    1. Hi,
      I’ve never tried Shophelper or Alidropship so I can’t give my opinion on that. For Alidropship, I am coming up with a case study in the future so that will give you a better idea.

      Depends what you mean by success. Is it making $1m/year, $1m/month, or RM1,000/month?

      Personally speaking, you always have a chance, but you need to put in the time, energy and money investment first.

      Hope this helps!

      – Lu Wee

  3. Is it safe to trade or sell product on Century Heng Yue group (CHYMALL) E-COMMERCE COMPANY or better still do you have any idea about this E-commerce website

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