Crazy sales seasons are always fun. It's nice seeing prices get slashed down from their usual numbers. For software enthusiasts, the biggest sales season of the year is none other than: Black Friday.

After reading Black Friday deal compilations from other bloggers for the last 5 years, I've decided to join in the fun this year πŸ™‚

My list won't be a long one, however. I often find long lists to be pretty hard to navigate and to be honest, full of fluff most of the time.

Instead, I've decided to compile just my favourite deals. This means products I've personally used myself and loved, and would recommend to my closest friends.

So, if you're looking for some cool deals this Black Friday, I hope you'll like what I've compiled.

Some useful notes about this list:

  • Not all deals are live right now, so be sure to check back the pages on the deal dates.
  • Some links are affiliate links, and some aren't. You can use my links or not. I don't mind. But if you do, there won't be any additional cost for you if you do and I'll definitely appreciate your support.
  • I might be adding more deals to this list as I see them, so do check back again in a week!

Let's get right into it!

WordPress Plugins

Elementor Pro (25% Off)

Normal Price: US$49/year
Black Friday Price: US$39/year

What is Elementor?

Most of the time, Elementor needs no introduction.

With over 3 million active installs, Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress page-builders around. It's silly but I actually jumped on an Elementor Pro license one month before Black Friday.

(Yes, I'm pretty impatient sometimes :))

While you can do a lot with Elementor's free plugin, you can do a ton more with Elementor Pro. My favourite feature of Elementor is its dynamic fields feature. Combined with Advanced Custom Fields Pro and Custom Post Types, you can create almost any kind of custom website. 

Who should buy this deal?

If you want an easy way to build custom websites for without coding, Elementor Pro is one of the easiest ways. With Elementor Pro, it's pretty easy to build even a real estate website.

This is probably the only discount Elementor has all year long, if you've been on the fence all year, make sure to grab this deal before it's gone.

What I Love about Elementor Pro

  • Lots of add-ons (free and premium) - you can easily extend Elementor Pro with free and premium Elementor Add-ons.
  • Works with just about any other plugin - so far, I haven't found any popular plugin that doesn't work with Elementor. It's probably the first page-builder developers think about integrating with.
  • Free templates monthly - have no inspiration on how to create your pages? Elementor Pro's subscription has got you covered. Access to Elementor's template library is included!
  • Almost no learning curve - Built for the non-coder, Elementor is pretty intuitive to use. So if you're a beginner, you'll find Elementor really easy to get on and start building.

What I Don't Love about Elementor

  • Bloaty - Elementor can get pretty bloated. When you use Elementor, you'll need to ensure that you run optimisations on your pages or they might be slowed down. For this reason, while Elementor is flexible, it still isn't my all-time favourite page-builder (more on that later).

How to get this deal

Deal Period: 25th November, 2019 - 4th December, 2019
Coupon: No coupon needed

ACF Pro (25% Off)

Normal Price:  AUD$100 (one time)
Black Friday Price: US$75 (one time)

What is ACF Pro?

ACF Pro is a nifty plugin that helps you add custom fields to any post type in WordPress. When used with Elementor Pro, ACF Pro allows you to add custom dynamic fields to your pages.

Who should buy this deal?

If you're looking to extend WordPress to build custom pages, ACF Pro is a must have! ACF Pro is also stripping its one-time fee from 2020 onwards, so now is the best time to get it!

What I Love about ACF Pro

  • Very flexible - there are many custom fields you can add.

What I Don't Love about ACF Pro

  • Developer friendly - if you're not a developer, customisation might be quite limited. Though, you can most likely find some example codes online.

How to get this deal

Deal Period: 29th November, 2019 - 2nd December, 2019
Coupon: No coupon needed

CSS Hero (65% Off)

Normal Price: TBC
Black Friday Price: TBC

WordPress Theme Editor

What is CSS Hero?

CSS Hero is a lifesaver for website owners who don't know CSS. With CSS Hero, you can change the colour a button, style your forms, make your menu smaller, change your font size etc.

Instead of hiring a web designer to make small style changes to your site, CSS Hero puts the power back in your hands.

I've been a user of CSS Hero for a couple of months now and use it almost weekly. In fact, a nice side effect of using CSS Hero is that I've inadvertently picked up a bit of CSS too.

Who should buy this deal?

If you want to make small style changes to a theme or plugin you downloaded, but don't know CSS and don't want to hire someone just to make minor changes, CSS Hero can come in handy.

Give it a try!

What I Love about CSS Hero

  • Easy to add CSS - hands down one of the most time saving plugins I have. I especially like using it with new plugins I download and want to make custom style changes to.

What I Don't Love about CSS Hero

  • Selections are not always accurate - unfortunately, CSS Hero isn't perfect. I found that selectors by CSS Hero isn't always accurate and I'll sometimes need to add in additional selectors for some plugins.

How to get this deal

Deal Period:  TBC
Coupon: TBC

WP User Front End Pro (33% Off)

Normal Price: US$49/year

Black Friday Price: US$33/year

What is WP User Front End Pro (WPUF)?

In short: WP User Front End (WPUF) Pro is one of the simplest ways to allow users to register and create posts on your website.

This is something I've wanted to do on Entrepreneur Campfire for a long time, but couldn't figure out how to do until I met WPUF.

Although WPUF free is a pretty powerful plugin, WPUF Pro is even better. I love how Pro version integrates with ACF Pro and allows for posting of custom post types.

With WPUF, you can easily control what happens when users post on your website. It's up to you to allow them to publish directly, or to hold the post under review first.

Who should buy this deal?

You should get this deal if you want to create a way for people to register and post on your website. 

Example of a pretty common use case is if you run a website and want to accept guest posts. You can use WPUF to create a registration and post form, where the guest posters can create the post.

What I Love about WPUF

  • Easily create user registration forms
  • Easy to control what happens to submitted posts (publish directly, or pending review)
  • Choice of accepting payment for submitting posts
  • Can accept user submissions for custom post types
  • Integrates easily with ACF Pro, extending possibilities immensely

What I Don't Love about WPUF

  • Can be quite restrictive if you're looking to create membership websites

How to get this deal

Deal Period: 20th November - 4th December, 2019
Coupon: BFCM2019

WP Ultimo (35% - 40% Off)

Normal Price: US$​499 (lifetime)

Black Friday Price: US$324.35 (lifetime)

What is WP Ultimo?

WP Ultimo is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a multi-site network. A multi-site network on WordPress usually share the same plugins and templates.

Multi-sites are pretty useful for people thinking of running a WaaS or their own internal network of sites.

Who should buy this deal?

This plugin is a must-have for anyone looking to easily create a multi-site without coding.

What I Love about WP Ultimo

  • Full basic multi-site control - WP Ultimo gives you the ultimate multi-site control experience.
  • Can create a WaaS easily - if you're planning to becoming the next WaaS millionaire, WP Ultimo can get you there.
  • Can create a personal network of multi-sites easily - want to create your own internal multi-site? That's easy with WP Ultimo.

What I Don't Love about WP Ultimo

  • Limited user registration templates - this is always going to be my biggest gripe with WP Ultimo. Most websites running on WP Ultimo end up looking alike.

How to get this deal

Deal Period: 12th Nov, 2019 till sold out (limited to 500 licenses)
Coupon: No coupon needed, but get an additional 10% off by sharing the deal

Astra Pro (30% Off)

Normal Price (Astra Agency Plan): US$699/lifetime

Black Friday Price (Astra Agency Plan): US$489/lifetime

What is Astra Pro?

Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes around. It's a lightweight theme with a ton of customisation features. For beginners, Astra's free time can be really useful to get started with.

While the Astra free version is cool, Astra Pro opens up even more customisation features.

If you want to get more out of Astra Pro, get on the mini agency or agency plan, where you can get some extra plugins under 1 plan.

Personally I have the Agency Plan (lifetime). While all the plugins under this plan is pretty good, I specifically like Schema Pro, Ultimate Add-ons for Elementor and ConvertPro.

This Black Friday, you'll get 30% off any package you buy. 

Who should buy this deal?

I especially recommend Astra Agency to anyone who runs an agency, or simply want to add an extra Swiss army knife to their toolkit.

What I Love about Astra Pro

  • Easy customisation with WordPress customiser - for customiser fans, Astra is a dream.
  • Gets updated pretty frequently - Astra's team seems to always be releasing new updates to Astra every couple of months or sometimes, even weeks!

What I Don't Love about Astra Pro

  • Limited and dated starter sites - the starter sites Astra provides are pretty limited, especially for people on Agency plan. They also didn't get updated that often. Recently though, Sujay from Astra has announced new starter sites launching soon, so it's something I'm looking forward to.
  • Not very optimised for e-commerce - I was initially pretty excited to use Astra Pro for my e-commerce projects, but after running some tests with it, I picked another theme. Astra Pro was simply too slow.

How to get this deal

Deal Period: 25th November, 2019 - 4th December, 2019
Coupon: No coupon needed

Video Editor

Wave (50% Off)

What is Wave video?

Normal Price: US$99/year - US$294/year | US$49/month
Black Friday Price: US$49/year - US$198/year (for first year only) | US$19/month

Wave makes video editing simple. If you struggle with creating professional looking videos, Wave can make your job a lot easier.

This is one of the first video SaaS I ever used. My needs have changed so I don't use Wave anymore. But I think this is easily one of the easiest video editors if you're looking to make viral videos.

Who should buy this deal?

If you want to edit videos, but don't have the skills to do so. This is great for e-commerce business owners who want to run Facebook or IG ads.

What I Love about Wave

  • Lots of templates - lots of options when it comes to templates.
  • Easily add music - this was one of my favourite features of Wave. It comes with a pre-loaded music library full of trendy music.

What I Don't Love about Wave

  • You need good RAM - even though Wave is cloud-hosted, I notice that when I'm using a low RAM computer, everything loads extra slow.

How to get this deal

Deal Period: 20th November, 2019 - 3rd December, 2019
Coupon: WCA_Black49 (Creator Plan) | WXA_BlackFridaySale (Pro or Agency Plan) | WPM_Black19P (Pro Monthly Plan)


Affiliate Lab (US$500 Off)

Normal Price: US$997 (lifetime)
Black Friday Price: US$497 (lifetime)

What is Affiliate Lab?

Affiliate Lab is one of the best SEO courses out there, hands down. This is my go-to course when I'm looking to advance. Best of all, Matt Diggity is committed to make this the best.

After spending more than US$6,000 on online courses, this is easily one of the best ones in terms of ROI and technical depth.

This Black Friday, prices go down US$500 from US$997 to US$497. If you want to learn SEO and even earn money with SEO affiliate marketing, hop in Affiliate Lab before prices go up!

Who should buy this deal?

Anyone looking to learn some intermediate to advanced level SEO, especially for the purpose of making money using affiliate marketing.

What I Love about Affiliate Lab

  • Regular updates - SEO is constantly changing. In 2019 alone, Google rolled out 3 core updates. For any SEO course to be useful, it has to stay on top of Google's updates.
  • Active Facebook private group - Affiliate Lab has one of the most active facebook groups around for SEO. You can learn a ton just by reading posts by other members.
  • On-site & Off-site SEO included - Affiliate Lab's on-site and off-site SEO coverage is pretty good.  

What I Don't Love about Affiliate Lab

  • Honestly, there's nothing I don't like about Affiliate Lab. It's one of my best investments. I'll be honest about one thing though - Affiliate Lab's coverage for local SEO is pretty weak. So if that's the main thing you're looking for, you won't find it here.

How to get this deal

Deal Period: 29th November, 2019 - 2nd December, 2019
Coupon: No coupon needed


Black Friday is full of great deals around. For some products, it's the only time they give a discount. So if you're looking to get some nice discounts, be sure to look around this Black Friday and grab some deals while they're still around πŸ™‚

Know any good Black Friday deals? Share them in the comments below!


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