15 Affiliate Programs in Singapore to Help You Make Extra Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a low-cost way of making money online. You don't need to spend time or money creating your own product or service. Instead, you help sell them for other brands and companies with existing products and services, earning a commission for each successful sale.

You can get started for just a few hundred dollars by creating a website or, if you already have a large following on social media, you could even get starting right away promoting relevant products and services to your audience.

In affiliate marketing, you become essentially the sales person and marketer for the products you are helping to sell.

If you've thought about making money with affiliate marketing in Singapore and are looking for affiliate programs you can partner with, you'll find everything you need in this post. 

I've compiled the affiliate program of some the most popular websites, and brands in Singapore. 

If you're looking to earn some affiliate income in Singapore, you'll find this list useful.

Let's get to it!

Tips on Picking the Best Affiliate Programs to Promote

When picking an affiliate program to promote on your website or social media accounts, pick ones that align with what your site or social account are about. This way, you'll have a higher chance of getting of making commissions from sales without annoying your audience with irrelevant content.

For example, if your website or IG account is about fashion, you'd want to pick affiliate programs that sells clothes, fashion accessories or makeup rather than laptops.

Fashion & Beauty Affiliate Programs

Zalora Affiliate Program Singapore

Zalora is one of Singapore's most popular fashion sites carrying some of the most well-known brands in the region such as Mango, Cotton-on, addidas and Converse.

Products or Services: Clothes, bags, watches, shoes and fashion accessories

Commissions %: 5% (old customers) - 12% (new customers)

Affiliate Program Registration: Zalora Affiliate Program (SG)

Lazada Affiliate Program Singapore

Lazada is one of the most famous online A-to-Z retailers in Singapore where you can buy almost anything you want. This makes Lazada's affiliate program one of the most flexible ones in Singapore. Regardless of what your website or social account niche are in, you're likely be able to find a product to promote from Lazada.

Products or Services: Fashion, Electronics, Home & Living, Baby, etc

Commissions %: up to 10%

Affiliate Program Registration: Lazada Affiliate Program (SG)

Sephora Affiliate Program Singapore

Sephora is one of the most recognisable brands makeup stores around the world. Its well-stocked retail stores make them a go-to for beauty enthusiasts globally and in Singapore.

Its brand popularity also makes Sephora the #1 online destination for people looking to buy products from top makeup brands like Kylie, Naked, Mac and more. Sephora's affiliate program are well suited for sites and social accounts focused on makeup tips.

Products or Services: Top-tier branded make-up products

Commissions %: 3% base commissions

Affiliate Program Registration: Sephora Affiliate Program (SG)

Reebonz Affiliate Program Singapore

Reebonz is one of the pioneer e-commerce stores specialising in the sales of quality checked pre-loved luxury products. Reebonz delivers its bags worldwide and even offers the option of monthly installment payment plans.

If your are in the luxury niche, you'll find a ton of worthy products to promote from Reebonz!

Products or Services: Pre-loved luxury handbags, wallets, watches and purses

Commissions %: 4% base commissions

Affiliate Program Registration: Reebonz Affiliate Program (SG)

Online, Software & Publishing Affiliate Programs

GoDaddy Affiliate Program Singapore

GoDaddy is one of the most popular domain name, web hosting and e-mail hosting supplier in the world. If e-commerce, online marketing or make money online is your niche, GoDaddy's products will fit right into your site.

Products or Services: Domain names, website hosting, e-mail hosting

Commissions %: Varies

Affiliate Program Registration: GoDaddy Affiliate Program (SG)

AutoDesk Affiliate Program Singapore

AutoDesk is the best software in the market for 3D design, and engineering design. If your audience are architect or people who work with 3D and engineering designs, they'll likely be looking to buy AutoDesk to help them with their work and you'll make money promoting it.

Products or Services: AutoDesk proprietary software

Commissions %: 9%

Affiliate Program Registration: AutoDesk Affiliate Program (SG)

Partridge Publishing Affiliate Program Singapore

Partridge Publishing is a company under the popular Penguin Publishing company which helps authors to self-publish their work. If your audience is full of writers with a dream of publishing their own works, you could promote Partridge's services to them.

Products or Services: Self-publishing service for authors 

Commissions %: $100 per successful referral

Affiliate Program Registration: Partridge Publishing Affiliate Program (SG)

Travel Affiliate Programs

KKday Affiliate Program Singapore

KK Day is a premium supplier of travel packages in 53 countries and 170 cities. If your site is travel focused and you think your audience will like the tours and experiences offered by KK Day, then you've found a long-term affiliate partner!

Products or Services: Travel packages, tours, experiences

Commissions %: 2 - 5%

Affiliate Program Registration: KK Day Affiliate Program (Worldwide)

AirAsia Go Affiliate Program Singapore

AirAsiaGo is AirAsia's site for saving money on flight + hotel packages. This program will be a nice addition to your website or social media account if your audience love travel.

Products or Services: Flight, hotels, flight + hotels packages

Commissions %: N/A

Affiliate Program Registration: AirAsiaGo Affiliate Program currently under construction

Shopping Affiliate Program Singapore

Pet Food Care Affiliate Program Singapore

PetFoodCare is one of the most well-stocked pet food supplier online in Singapore. Whether you're looking for pet food for your dog, cat or hamster, you'll be able to find a wide range of food products from PetFoodCare.

PetFoodCare is a great affiliate program for sites or social accounts whose audience love animals or pets!

Products or Services: Pet food

Commissions %: 5%

Affiliate Program Registration: Pet Food Care Affiliate Program (SG)

Singapore Soap Affiliate Program Singapore

SingaporeSoap is a specialised online store for DIY enthusiasts looking to stock up on soap-making ingredients in Singapore. This is a great affiliate program for you if your niche is in DIY.

Products or Services: Soap, Ingredients for making DIY soap

Commissions %: 5%

Affiliate Program Registration: Singapore Soap Affiliate Program (SG)

Razer Affiliate Program Singapore

Razer is a Singapore-grown gaming brand that has made waves in gaming communities all over the world. Razer's affiliate program can be a great one for those focused in the gaming niche.

Products or Services: Gaming laptops and gaming accessories

Commissions %: up to 20%

Affiliate Program Registration: Razer Affiliate Program (SG)

Finance Affiliate Programs

SingSaver Affiliate Program Singapore

SingSaver is one of Singapore's top sites for comparing financial products like loans, credit cards and insurance plans. SingSaver's affiliate program will fit with your site well if you are in the personal finance niche.

Products or Services: Financial products like loans, credit cards and insurance plans

Commissions %: Varies

Affiliate Program Registration: SingSaver Affiliate Program (SG)

Affiliate Networks

In Singapore, some popular programs are only available through affiliate networks. Below are some affiliate networks that you can join:

The Affiliate Gateway Singapore


Involve Asia

Looking to Start Your Own Affiliate Program?

Involve Asia can help you to create your own affiliate program and recruit affiliates who will help you to get more sales.

Sign up as an advertiser using the button below:


Affiliate marketing can be an easy way to add an additional income source to your website or social media account. You don't need to put down any money for stock inventory, design or creating products. All you have to do is promote products or services from already well-known brands to your audience.

Let us know: have you added affiliate programs to your website or social media account yet? Which programs would you recommend?

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